The clinic was established in the city of Dube in the year 1870, Founded on a large area of about 3000 square metres. It has about 134 rooms. It is located 97 km from the capital, Prague, and about 50 km from Dresden, Germany. It is located near the city of Pipetia, only about 7 km away. The sanatorium was characterized by physiotherapy for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system.

Diseases treated in Dubi Clinic:

The clinic treats many diseases that affect humans, such as diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as polio, some problems of the spine, joint pain, hemiplegia and quadriplegia, and also treats the nervous system.

The main treatment methods in the Dubi clinic:

Dube clinic offers many different treatment methods. It uses different types of treatment, such as physical therapy, occupational and kinetic therapy. The treatment includes 44 sessions per week, with some individual exercises, while attending physiotherapy sessions. The treatment depends on the medical examination.

Based on this examination, treatment plans are developed and several fields are combined, namely physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage and hydrotherapy. The clinic has different types of treatments, which are magnetic and electrical treatments of all kinds, as well as according to the diagnosis of the therapist, laser, water needles, mud treatment, as well as thermal therapy, carbon dioxide therapy and oxygen therapy, as well as manual massage, hydromassage, motorized movement of the lower extremities, and photothermal treatment.

Robotic rehabilitation:

A robot is a unique robotic device that the clinic has introduced as part of its treatment program to obtain results that satisfy patients with disabilities and those with special abilities for positive results.

™G- Eo system :

This system is characterized as one of the most modern systems in the world and is used in rehabilitation. Some developments have been made that help some patients with stroke, so that the patient can even walk and thus be able to practice his daily life.

Rehabilitation Walking on the Sprintex:

It is a physical rehabilitation system, which works perfectly for other rehabilitation is specially designed for patients with severe damage to the locomotor system, The patient is suspended on a stretcher from above the walker and walks with slow steps and a very low speed


Photos from inside the Dobi clinic

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