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We have more than 11 years of experience since 2009 and we progress and excel in the field of medical tourism and medical services, choosing all service providers with a high degree of efficiency and practical development, and we always maintain business continuity and develop all services related to medical and medical tourism at the level of European countries

Medical services and medical tourism trips in the Czech Republic

Midwind Effect

  • Hip or knee replacement surgery with physical therapy, the most famous surgeon in Czech to perform hip or knee replacement surgery.
  • 12-day stay with physiotherapy in the hospital room and after discharge, physiotherapy in the best clinics of the Czech Republic

The best clinics and hospitals

Darkov sanatorium

Darkov sanatorium is located in the east of the Czech Republic, it is a small town in the district of Morovkasiliska, and its capital is the city of Ostrava, which is the third largest city in the Czech Republic.

Dubey sanatorium

The clinic was established in Dubai in 1870 on a large area of 3000 meters. The Dobi sanatorium has 134 rooms. It is about (97 km) from the capital, Prague.

What is Yanski Lazny Sanatorium

Yanski Lazni Resort is ideally located in a picturesque and historic mountain town, which is not only one of the best sanatoriums in the Czech Republic,

Tree Life Sanatorium

Tree of Life is a modern 4-star spa created in 2009, located in Belohrad, north of Czech Republic and 130 km from Bragg

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