Physiotherapy, back pain and disc pain are chronic pain if this pain persists for more than three months. It is considered one of the difficult health problems facing a large number of people. It is also one of the famous health problems for the elderly or some other ages, but it requires physical comfort.

In the event of any symptoms of back pain, this pain usually dissolves in the case of taking some types of appropriate treatments or by doing some exercise and some advice that was explained by the physiotherapist, where back pain and disc are always associated

Because of advancing age, but sometimes a person may develop pain in the back and disc due to previous old injuries. Therefore, in the event of any symptoms of back or disc pain, you should go directly to the physiotherapist to practice some health exercises and some instructions and evaluate the diseased condition

There are many ways to get rid of back pain and disc problems, but the best of these methods is to go to the physiotherapist to preserve all the information and all the instructions that the doctor explains to avoid the risk of side effects or complications due to the wrong method of treatment due to Going to the wrong doctor, so you should go to the physiotherapist as soon as possible in these emergency cases.

Causes of back and disc pain:

There are many multiple causes that lead to the occurrence of back pain or disc pain, so this pain, if it exceeds three months, becomes chronic pain. The causes of back and disc pain are:

  • This pain occurs due to inflammation caused by the degenerative joint.
  • It occurs due to the gradual thinning of the cartilage in the spine in the back.
  • Spinal stenosis causes back pain or disc pain.
  • The narrowing of the spinal column or spinal canal also leads to some back pain and disc pain in the nerves.
  • A herniated disc causes back and disc pain as well.
  • In addition to the syndrome of fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia and some pains of unknown origin from the muscles that have no cause that lead to pain in the back and disc.

Sometimes you may suffer from back pain and disc, but without knowing what are the causes of back pain and disc pain and what are the exact areas that hurt the body. The disease that you suffer from, because the specialist can determine the extent of these pains, what are the damages resulting from them and their occurrence, and what is the appropriate method that relieves and eliminates the pain caused by the back or disc.

There are many ways in which back pain and disc pain can be treated without surgical intervention:

There are many different ways to get rid of back and disc problems and the pain caused by each of them, but these methods must be followed with the required accuracy to have an effective healing experience and you cannot deny them. That is why many doctors have explained a number of natural ways through which to get rid of back problems. And the disc without surgical intervention, and these methods are:

Physiotherapy, treatment of back and disc pain and exercise:

Exercising is the first treatment method through which you can get rid of back and disc problems and get rid of the pain resulting from them. Therefore, you should go to the physiotherapist in the event of some problems in the back and disc, and you can do some exercises that are authorized by the physiotherapist for the situation The general condition of the disease, but these exercises and sports instructions must be appropriate to your disease condition, according to what the specialist has determined and according to the assessment of the patient’s condition and what are the appropriate methods for him.

There are some exercises designed for patients with back pain and disc pain and authorized by the attending physician or physiotherapist in this case. These exercises and sports instructions are: Practicing pain tolerance exercises, flexibility exercises, stretching exercises, some aerobic exercises such as yoga exercises, meditation and some other exercises suitable for back pain and chronic disc disease.

Follow healthy diets approved by a physiotherapist:

There are some foods and foods that cause irritation in the back and disc and the emergence of symptoms of back and disc pain, because these foods and foods contain a high percentage of unsaturated fats and a high percentage of sugars, in addition to processed foods, foods and drinks. The case of eating some types of foods and foods that contain these high percentages of fats and sugars.

Eating healthy foods that the body needs and foods and foods that do not contain amounts of fats, sugars and unsaturated compounds helps you avoid back or disc pain due to reducing pressure on the body and spine. In the event of any symptoms of back and disc pain, you should Go directly to the physiotherapist and stop eating unhealthy foods.

Habitual lifestyle modifications or changes and their impact on back and disc pain:

The practice of daily life and the usual daily and routine activities may sometimes lead to the occurrence or emergence of pain resulting from the back or disc, due to bearing or lifting some heavy weights, but the patient must beware of exercises or daily activities that cause him pain resulting from the back or disc. Which works to irritate this area and therefore you should not continue to practice these painful activities and in this way you can avoid getting back pain and disc and in the case of going to the physiotherapist the specialist is advised not to smoke, because the nicotine substance in the smoker’s cigar works to delay the chances of recovery, but this substance It numbs or reduces the feeling of pain, but it reduces the chances of recovery because of the damage that smoking does to some areas and other organs in the body.

The physical therapy Important in the treatment of back and disc pain, because exercising, flexibility exercises, stretching exercises and many other exercises help to get rid of back and disc problems, because they work to restore the movement of the body and prevent problems in the sliding of the cartilage and other problems that cause pain in the back and disc and for this Doctors are advised to go to a physiotherapist to obtain instructions and directions. There are also some ways through which it is possible to get rid of back and disc problems without surgical intervention by taking some analgesic medications, medications, acupuncture, and other different treatment methods that allow the patient to ensure a state of recovery from pain back and chronic disc, Physiotherapy is the best way for people with back pain and disc pain.

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