Nervous system diseases and ways to prevent them

The nervous system is a large group of complex nerves and neurons scattered throughout the various general parts of the body and different neurons specialized in transmitting nerve messages and signals that direct the nervous system or the brain to all different parts of the body

Where the nervous system consists of two main parts, the first is the central nervous system, which controls all the signals that direct the brain and the body. The central nervous system includes the brain or the brain and the strong nerves and also the spinal cord

The second is the peripheral nervous system, which spreads to all the extremities in the human body, such as the hands or feet, and all the extremities in the human body. The peripheral nervous system also includes all the nerves and sensory cells, as well as some strong nerves in the extremities and nerve nodes in the human body.

Where all the nerve endings or the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system communicate with each other in order to get all the signals from the brain in all the nerve messages and the speed of receiving them

Where the nervous system in general is considered to be a large group of nerve bundles and nerve fibers that start from the brain and reach the spinal cord, Then all the bundles and nerve fibers branch off to all parts of the body and the extremities

Then the central nervous system handles the administrative and sensory processes and the signals that are directed to the nervous system and the body and regulates breathing and blood pressure, as well as how to deal with the stimuli that a person takes at all times and all other processes carried out by the body and the person is organized by the central nervous system and manage it.

nervous system diseases

There is a large group of neurological diseases that affect the nervous system in the human body, which affect the human body and affect all functions performed by the nervous system, where there are many neurological diseases and also result in a wide range of painful symptoms that affect the individual

Where diseases of the nervous system are considered to be among the chronic diseases that face a person in his life, and also the symptoms that affect the patient due to exposure to a nervous disease are considered chronic symptoms that last for very long periods in a person’s life, In addition, neurological diseases affect different types of infections that affect the body, including meningitis, as well as brain infections that occur in the central nervous system.

But what are the diseases that affect the nervous system and affect human health and also reduce the normal functions of the nervous system, and what are the ways to prevent neurological diseases.

Neurological diseases that affect the body

Brain attack

Stroke is one of the serious and common diseases that affect the central nervous system and affect the body abnormally and affect all the different functions of the body

A stroke is defined as a process of blockage in the arteries that deliver blood to the brain and brain, which deliver blood to all parts of the brain, due to a number of reasons, namely the process of blood clotting in the arteries. Conductive to the brain and brain

In this way, the brain, or parts of the brain and brain, cannot receive blood normally, which carries within it all the nutrients and oxygen that the human body needs in order to survive.

Where this process is called brain ischemia, which causes damage to a group of neurons or cells in the brain that affect the work of different organs and parts in the human body, as they affect the body according to the organ or the affected area in the brain, but there are some ways that can be prevented from having a stroke.

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Ways to prevent strokes

There are many methods that must be followed in order to reduce the risk of stroke that the patient is exposed to.

  • You must lose weight and get rid of excess weight in order not to block the arteries and blood vessels that deliver blood and nutrients to the brain and brain.
  • You must stop drinking alcohol and narcotics and also quit smoking, because it causes many neurological health problems that help in stroke.
  • Care must be taken to prevent and treat all diseases that affect the human body, which affect the health of the body and the person, and also affect the health of various body organs, such as diabetes, blood pressure diseases and atrial fibrillation.
  • Exercising, as exercise helps to stimulate blood circulation and restore blood vessel activity and not blockage, because exercise reduces weight and activates cells in the human body.
neurogenic epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the difficult neurological diseases that affect the brain and affect the body in general. Epilepsy is known as a large group of neurological disorders that affect the body and affect the brain. affect the brain and brain, Where these disorders affect the brain in general or a specific part of the brain, this condition is called focal seizures that affect the body, where this condition is similar to a sudden electrical impulse in the brain and brain, where there are after mild and simple cases, but some other cases lead to loss of consciousness and this continues status for a few seconds.

But strong epileptic seizures cause some severe symptoms, including convulsions in the human body and uncontrollable trembling that lasts for some long time, after which the patient loses consciousness and then the patient after this case they do not remember anything. One of the ways to prevent nervous epilepsy.

  • Adequate amount of sleep must be obtained and sleep must be maintained regularly.
  • You must learn to manage stress and stress.
  • Exposure to all strong lighting and visual effects should be avoided.
  • Healthy diets must be followed and maintained.
Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is one of the neurological diseases that affect the immune system and fight the immune system and attack the immune system and the general immunity of the body, as it fights the axons that reside in the central nervous system, Where this condition leads to the destruction and disposal of myelin, and the destruction of axons in varying degrees, Where in this case it results in some physical disabilities that affect the body, where the symptoms of multiple sclerosis appear after several months of infection with multiple sclerosis, but the methods of preventing multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis prevention

Exposure to beneficial sunlight that helps and supplies the body with vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system and helps it perform its natural role without affecting the nervous system.

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