Physiotherapy helps in restoring the body’s movement and the nature of its movement by doing some exercises and evaluating the pathological condition in the event that the injured person is injured in an area of the body or in the event of disability. That touches the patient’s condition and also can be treated with physiotherapy in the case of congenital disability or some different disability cases

The importance of physical therapy and its role in treating many diseases

Physiotherapy maintains the flexibility of the body in addition to reducing the rate of pain in the back or bones or reducing the feeling of pain and prevents the emergence of many health problems. Physiotherapy is one of the most important treatments in many pathological cases. It is a manual treatment performed by a physiotherapist and helps stimulate the psychological state and speaking. And how to restore the patient’s normal life, and physical therapy helps him to practice routine life, usual life and practice daily activities.

In addition to the possibility of maintaining the health of the body and avoiding the risk of infection with some diseases at all ages, and also helps in speeding up the speedy recovery processes, Where studies and research have proven that physical therapy is based on studying the typical life of the sick person, then the physiotherapist educates and educates the patient and directs him to the methods and steps that help him reduce his feeling of pain, Physiotherapy helps treat many diseases, including chronic diseases and diseases that continue in a person’s life for a long time, including asthma, and physiotherapy helps in treating chronic diseases, including:

  • Physiotherapy treats many neurological diseases related to the nervous system, including strokes and various types of paralysis, including quadriplegia, parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, and many diseases of the nervous system.
  • Physiotherapy helps treat a large number of diseases of the neuromuscular system, and these diseases are more painful because they come in the muscles in the body, and these diseases are pain caused by the back or disc, and many muscle injuries that occur due to sports and some different types of infections, including various joint infections. .
  • Physiotherapy also helps treat diseases related to the heart and blood vessels, and among these diseases that physiotherapy treats are many heart diseases and chronic heart attacks.
  • Some diseases of the respiratory system, physical therapy helps in treating them, including asthma or special diseases, cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The importance of physical therapy

Sometimes, in sick cases, it is not preferable to resort to physical therapy, because the pathological condition needs more surgical intervention, and surgeries at this time are more appropriate and healthy, because the outcome or purpose of the surgery is to get rid of a rupture or get rid of some other problems, but physical therapy needs a lot From the time to end the treatment period, as it depends on electrical sessions, exercise and some other operations and medical instructions that benefit the patient’s health, but there is no doubt that physiotherapy is very important and the largest number of people resort to it because it mainly helps the movement of the body and restore natural movement, but for physiotherapy Advantages and importance is very great in many cases of disease and is one of the healthiest treatment processes and the importance of physical therapy are the following:

  • Physiotherapy helps in getting rid of pain and feeling pain in many areas of the body, especially annoying pain. Physiotherapy is very suitable in cases of chronic pain, because it helps in the softness of the bones and the softness of the weak muscles of the body in addition to the softness of many tissues in the body and helps in the continuity of movement and restore The body is in its natural state of movement, in addition to healthy exercise that benefits the body, and by continuing these exercises regularly, the body helps to get rid of the chronic pain in the body that often causes inconvenience, and in this way it can be eliminated forever.
  • Physiotherapy helps to get rid of or avoid surgical matters in many cases, because physiotherapy has a very distinct role in healing many cases and pathological pains that many people suffer from, in addition to helping the body restore vitality and the usual activity of the body and also helps improve Health for the whole body and helps the body get rid of the feeling of pain from all areas of the body Helps to get rid of pain caused by joints and muscles, Therefore, physical therapy helps not to resort to surgical operations.
  • Physiotherapy strengthens the body because it works to supply the body with the necessary energy that helps it not to be exposed to any disease in the body and muscles. This is the main benefit of the benefits of physical therapy, as physical therapy helps to strengthen the muscles in the body and prevents the presence of some weak muscles in the body, This is done through some exercises and sports instructions practiced by the physiotherapist, which help in strengthening the tissues and muscles that reduce the risk of infection with one of the various diseases that may affect the body.
  • Physiotherapy sessions for the body help in restoring or regulating the general balance of the body, because surgical operations sometimes may lead to an imbalance in the general balance of the body. During physiotherapy sessions to maintain the general balance of the body.
  • Physiotherapy helps in treating chronic diseases or diseases that come due to advancing age. These diseases are the most common and painful diseases, including osteoporosis, back pain, disc and pain resulting from joints and weak muscles in the body. Physiotherapy is one of the most important treatments in these cases and is one of the most treatments The safest for the body and the most effective treatments are better than surgeries in the joints, in addition to the ability of physical therapy to improve the health of the body, treat heart diseases, restore heart health and effectiveness, and the health of blood vessels and their ability to transport blood and oxygen.
  • Physiotherapy can treat patients with strokes and clots in the body, because it improves the health status of the body, restores all the lost energy in the body, in addition to the possibility of restoring the activity of the heart and blood vessels. Physiotherapy supports the muscles and provides them with the necessary energy and reduces the risk of injury due to daily activities, whether physical or psychological. .
  • Through physiotherapy sessions for the body, it is possible to restore the movement of the body and the movement of the limbs and muscles in a healthy and usual way, by continuing the physiotherapy sessions, whether exercises or instructions directed by the physiotherapist to the patient, which helps reduce the patient’s feeling of pain in all stages of life and helps in Improving the nature of blood movement and improving the body’s ability to move.

Therefore, physical therapy is one of the most important natural treatments for many diseases, unlike surgical operations and some other chemical drugs. Where many patients resort to

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