KCM Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic that offers a wide range of procedures and boasts modern treatment and diagnostics through a group of staff and doctors who provide the highest level of specialized medical care. In addition to containing distinguished cosmetic, dental and rehabilitation centers, The clinic specializes in gynecological diagnosis, ophthalmology, weight loss surgery and plastic surgery.
One of the most important features of the clinic is that it participates in scientific exchange with international specialists in the United States of America and Germany, By doing so, it allows physicians to expand their knowledge and acquire new medical skills
One of the main objectives of the worship is to be a one stop place for all medical concerns with professional medical staff and excellent doctors. One of the advantages of the clinic is that it has been accredited by ISO 9001 to maintain an exceptional clinical record. Also, KCM Clinic offers world-class medical facilities to patients performed by the best doctors. It is the only specialist clinic in Europe to use a 3D endoscope from the medical partner Olympus during weight loss surgery.
Why is KCM Clinic a better choice for your treatment?
every year, It selects 700 patients from the UK, Iceland and Ukraine, etc. Cape Town Clinic for the following reasons:
An international team of Patient Coordinators is available to assist patients with their consultation.
KCM Clinic offers a comprehensive treatment package, Including basic clinic services such as accommodation, transportation and treatment fees.
at recent days, KCM added a new weight loss surgery, It is a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, It is an innovative concept that will change the perspective of obesity treatment.
Furthermore it, The clinic not only includes a team of famous doctors from Poland, It also includes all of Europe. These doctors have extensive experience in their field
The main advantage of the hospital is its cooperation with the Stanford Institute of Health in the United States.
KCM collaborates with the best doctors in the world to provide patients with the best possible treatment options.
KCM Clinic also arranges to update its medical staff and doctors regularly with the latest treatment protocols and education.
From KCM Clinic Partners: Johnson & Johnson, Olympus, Medtronic, Arthrex, Otto Bock, Joimax, Zimmer Biomet
Departments and Specialties in KCM Clinic:
Weight loss surgery
Women disease
Orthopaedic Surgery
Spine surgery
Plastic surgery
Oncology surgery
Pediatric surgery
Laparoscopic treatment
Computed tomography
Urology surgery
Women disease

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