Ophthalmology is one of the most important branches of medicine and one of the most important and humane. Because this wonderful medical specialty helps treat various eye diseases and save millions of people around the world from blindness or blindness. That’s why we at KCM Clinic help you in the treatment of all eye problems you face. Through the latest technology in laser treatment of the vision device using SLT, YAG and Ellex’s Green Diode lasers.

We specialize in CATHODE operations by micro-emulsification (the latest generation of Stellaris cameras from Bausch & Lomb), Using innovative aberration, aspherical and multifocal lenses.

In addition to laser treatment, We perform eyelid surgery and intravitreal injections.

How do you prepare for the operation and stay in our hospital?

The duration of illness is always stressful, and the shorter its duration, the better. Here are some instructions that will make you return to your home as soon as possible:

  • The patient is informed of the dates of all required examinations for the procedure in the hospital registry
  • The patient must arrive at the hospital on time and on time, On the date agreed upon during the rehabilitation visit or provided by the Hospital Registration Officer
  • Patients who have been notified that the surgery is scheduled on the same day as admission to the hospital are required to come to the hospital on an empty stomach (food and drink are not allowed 6 hours before the scheduled operation. Only in exceptional cases with the approval of the doctor)

What should the patient take with him on the day of the operation?

  • Referral to hospital
  • Documents necessary to complete the procedures related to admission to the hospital, ID card, valid insurance card, In the case of retired retired card
  • If it does not work it is necessary to issue a form that proves the inability to work
  • All test results, x-ray pictures, discharge cards and other medical documents,
  • It is necessary to bring: personal hygiene items, Comfortable shoes to change, pajamas, bathrobe, and towel

Are treatments compensated by the National Health Fund?

The ophthalmology clinic and some of the treatments in the ophthalmology department are reimbursed by the National Health Trust.

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