The sanatorium Klimkovice is located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. It is considered a small city in the district of Morovkasiliska, and its capital is the city of Ostrava, which is one of the three largest cities in question. It is located 400 km from the capital Prague and also away from Vienna, about 300 km from the Polish and Slovak borders.

What is the Klimkovice sanatorium and its most important specialties?

The Klimkovice Clinic provides physiotherapy and neurorehabilitation specialized care for clients with problems and some disabilities. The Klimkovice Clinic provides treatment for adults and children with cerebral palsy, brain and spinal injuries, and rehabilitates post-stroke and post-operative cases, as well as joint replacement cases. The clinic Klimkovice is one of the most famous clinics in the Czech Republic. It provides high-quality care. It has been established since 1994. The main goal that doctors, physiotherapists and other health workers seek is to help most patients get rid of most of their health problems and rehabilitate them. The clinic also provides the latest treatment equipment. And diagnosis, through natural sources, by providing saline water saturated with iodine and bromine, and this water contains a high percentage of minerals.

The Klimkovice sanatorium is divided into two parts: Building A, which treats adults, and Building B, which treats children.

Methods of treatment in the sanatorium Klimkovice:

The Klimkovice Clinic provides treatment for adults and children who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system as well as strokes, stroke, some aging diseases, joints, some problems of the spine and lack of growth due to lack of oxygen during childbirth, The clinic is equipped with the latest devices and the most famous doctors to provide patients with excellent health care. The Klimkovice Clinic has gained wide fame as it is the only one specialized in treating children and adolescents, thanks to the medical and rehabilitative progress used in the treatment of Voeta and the Kabat method, as well as topical treatment and training in motor skills. This treatment helps to relieve spasm and improve movement, There are also three types of treatment methods are:

  1. Classical treatment program:
    This program is based on iodine and bromine baths, some individual exercises and occupational therapy based on some dynamic exercises and devices.
  2. Intensive Program “REHA KLIM+18”:
    This program is designed to treat adult and pediatric patients who are unable to move as a result of cerebral palsy and some head injuries. This program relies on doing some exercises such as air splints and rope exercises that help improve motor and nervous performance and increase muscle strength.
  3. Therapeutic program “KLIM-THERAPY”:
    This program is based on doing some intense exercises for an hour and a half continuously, and this program has shown a very effective effect in treating the nervous system.
    Those with some infectious diseases, chronic skin diseases, diabetes, hemorrhagic disease, anemia, malignant tumors, and some conflict situations are prohibited from this program.

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