The uniqueness of the Mariinsky Lazne sanatorium is that its location is distinguished, as it has beautiful natural landscapes. It is about 50 km from Karlovy Vary Airport, and it is also away from Prague Airport about 160 km. The sanatorium is one of the most famous buildings in the Czech Republic, where it has a historical reputation and there is a Roman bath, which is characterized by the marble columns that It was founded in 1896 and they were most rulers of this bathroom, as it is characterized by the beautiful and distinctive nature.

Accommodation in Mariinsky Lazne:

Where the sanatorium has about hundreds of fresh water in the city of Marina Bad, which is one of the most beautiful green cities in the Czech Republic, where the forests and attractive parks are located.

Natural sources and special treatments:

  1. mineral water : Mineral water is widely available, as there are seven different sources of cold mineral water that treat many diseases such as arthritis and some kidney diseases, as well as digestive diseases and other diseases, and this method has proven its effectiveness in getting rid of pain.
  2. Maryam gas – natural carbon dioxide: It is a volcanic gas and contains a large percentage of carbon dioxide, which contributes greatly to improving blood circulation and kidney work, reducing inflammation and improving the body in general.
  3. rocky vegetable soil: Plant soil consists of some organic and inorganic materials that are used to moisturize the body by heating the body by mixing the soil with mineral water and heating it through water vapor.

recuperation and recuperation
Royal Health Treatment Center:

There are many uses. Mineral water is used to make many massages, as well as treatment with electric current and carbon dioxide bath, and provides the use of original mud. The establishment of this center dates back to 1895, where it has three basins, such as a Jacuzzi type, as well as a foam bath, and there is also acupressure and solar treatment.

laser beauty center

It contains a heated cabin, as well as a good and therapeutic cabin, a steam cabin, and finally a cabin for recreation.

Center (sofas) with a small lake:

Physical care, beauty treatments, massages, nail clipping.

Aqua center, swimming pool, lagoon, steam bath, heated bath, salt cave.

Unique historical surroundings in a bathroom with modern equipment:

The hotel is one of the oldest and most prominent buildings that were built in 1882 in Marienbad, and there is a mud bath in it.

The hotel has an impressive location overlooking the outer pillars and the park, and at the site of the Maria Courtyard Spa, there is a source of Maryam gas, the natural source of carbon dioxide, through which the Marinbad region earned its name.

There is a hotel building built in (1905), which has a very beautiful architectural style and is located in a very picturesque natural area.

It is located in a very convenient location, near the row of outer columns and the Church of Mary in Goethe Square, where the world-famous German poet (Johann Wolfkänk Goethe) met his beloved (Ulrika).

You can enjoy the refreshing effect of the largest swimming pool in Marienbad, enjoy the Art Museum, a unique place for paintings and pictures.

Many world figures have been guests of our hotel, including the English King (Edward VII).

An ideal choice for tourism, recuperation and recreation purposes:

A modern hotel is one of the historical buildings in the city of treatment.

Let yourself enjoy a relaxing massage. The Villa Butterfly Hotel has specialized in body care and rejuvenating the body’s energy.

Relax in the amazing swimming pool, which offers a lot of attractive things.

During the dinner, which includes excellent Czech cuisine, the guests enjoy light songs and music

Photos from inside the clinic Mariinsky Lazne

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