The role of physical therapy for the elderly

The role of physical therapy for the elderly Physical therapy for the elderly helps to increase the body’s ability to move and be active. Where physiotherapy sessions allow the body to restore or regulate the general balance of the body, because physiotherapy for the elderly does not depend on chemical drugs or surgeries, but depends on the nature of movement, stimulating blood circulation and stimulating the mood of the elderly through the use of devices and exercises that suit their health needs .

Where the ability of the elderly differs from the young man in terms of the nature of movement or activities carried out by the elderly, Therefore, it is necessary to follow up with the physiotherapist by developing treatment plans and the number of required sessions that the elderly must attend in order to obtain a healthy solution that provides the body with the energy and vitality that the body enjoys.

The physiotherapist must be specialized in cases of the elderly, in order to provide all treatment methods that are appropriate to the disease conditions and the extent of their progress or delay, Therefore, physical therapy is one of the best ways to deal with the elderly.

This is in order to avoid the pain and health problems that the elderly are exposed to in the later stages of life, in addition to continuing the basic and permanent physical therapy, This is due to the absence of obstacles in the natural movement of the elderly, due to the weakness of the muscles and bones in the body, which leads to their weakness and inability to move, walk or perform physical activities and daily activities from which the elderly derive their activity.

Therefore, it is necessary to go to the physiotherapist to enjoy healthy exercises to stimulate and strengthen the weak muscles of the body and the body becomes able to carry out daily activities and not face other health problems.

Therapeutic methods used through physical therapy

There is a wide range of methods used by physiotherapists to treat the elderly, In order to stimulate the body and muscles to carry out the physical and daily activities of the elderly, Therefore, it is necessary to follow up with the physiotherapist to develop the necessary treatment plans for the health status and pathological condition that the patient suffers from. These treatment methods used are:

Physical therapy with therapeutic exercise or the normal method

This usual method is a treatment method provided by a physiotherapist to the elderly, through doing some healthy exercises and some instructions.

After that, the usual physiotherapy process is started, where the physiotherapist massages and exercises the body of the elderly according to the pathological condition and according to the nature of the movement of the elderly and the health exercises that are commensurate with his health.

This is done through the treatment plans and steps provided by the doctor to the elderly, where the main purpose of these exercises and the simple treatment method is to stimulate the body, stimulate blood circulation and activate the weak muscles of the body, Where the healthy exercises provided by the attending physician maintain the stability or regulation of the work of organs and systems in the human body and help relieve and get rid of pain, regulate the heartbeat and stimulate the body to move and vitality.

Heat Physiotherapy

This method is one of the common methods of treating the elderly with physical therapy, by heating the affected area in the body of the elderly, especially those with muscle tension in the elderly, This method is considered the best method used in the treatment of muscle tension in the elderly. Where heating or heating the body helps to circulate blood in the veins and arteries, and in this way, physiotherapy with heat relieves the pain caused by muscle tension and gets rid of weak muscle problems in the body. In this way, you have the ability to move and perform daily activities in an easy and simple way.

Cold Physiotherapy

This method is completely opposite to the method of physical therapy with heat, and this method is also used in the problems of muscle tension and muscles, but in this pathological case, we must replace the heat with ice or pieces of ice and put it on the affected area according to the degree of injury and the health problem that the patient suffers from, Where this method is used in the case of recent muscular injuries or muscular health problems that occurred to the body a short period of time.

Electrophysiotherapy or electrotherapy

The method of physiotherapy with electricity is one of the treatment methods that the patient and physiotherapist resort to in some special cases, the main purpose of which is to heal wounds and some pathological conditions such as swelling or rehabilitation problems, whether for muscles or in the case of moving muscles from their natural place and also helps Physical therapy with electricity in relieving pain and getting rid of health problems facing the elderly due to muscles.

Hydrophysiotherapy (hydrophysiotherapy)

Aquatic physiotherapy is one of the physiotherapy methods used by physiotherapists to treat health problems experienced by the elderly.

But this method is done by doing some exercise and health in a pool of water, the temperature of the pool is very low, In order to obtain protection and solve health problems in the body.

It also helps in activating the resistance and facilitating the activities that need to load the body above the ground. In this way, the elderly enjoy complete comfort and relaxation and not feel pain. Where this method works to reduce the incidence of muscle problems and the risks that result from injury, As physical therapy is one of the most important treatments for the elderly, given the chemical drugs or surgical procedures that the elderly are exposed to, this method is considered the best treatment method preferred by the elderly.

The role of physical therapy for the elderly

Physiotherapy is the magic tool that benefits the patient’s health and helps him get rid of the health problems he is exposed to, because most elderly people do not prefer to resort to surgical operations and chemical drugs, but physiotherapy helps to restore the movement of the body and usually regulate blood circulation and stimulate muscles. Among the benefits of physiotherapy for seniors she:-

  • Physiotherapy helps in activating the weak muscles of the body, which may weaken or reduce their work due to the lack of movement carried out by the elderly, But through physical therapy that helps the strength and health of the muscles, by continuing the physical therapy sessions for the body.
  • Physiotherapy for the elderly helps to increase the activity and flexibility of the body’s muscles, which helps to get rid of the annoying problems and chronic pain that affect the elderly in certain parts of the body, such as muscles, joints and bones in general.
  • Physiotherapy protects the body and reduces the incidence of health problems for the elderly, through the treatment plans and steps determined by the physiotherapist to get rid of severe pain and pain resulting from joints and muscles in the body, and also helps in improving the health condition of the patient and getting rid of these pains.
  • Physiotherapy works to get rid of the problems of the heart and arteries, This is because physiotherapy has a distinct role in stimulating blood circulation and restoring heart activity and helps in stimulating the work of the lungs through physical therapy sessions for the body.

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