The Adli center is located in western Slovakia in the city of Sabbath Pestan, which is located 80 km from the capital, Bra Stelava. It is about 120 km from the Austrian city of Vienna and is considered the only center that treats infants under the age of 6 years. It has a significant effect on improving rehabilitation and the nervous system.

Adele Baby Med:

The center believes that time is very important in most cases, so these injuries must be treated from childhood in order to avoid the occurrence of many health problems. The center provides rehabilitation from the age of six months using special rehabilitation through the amazing ability of the brain that works to reduce or avoid injury In the future.

Intensive neurological rehabilitation for children:

The duration of this program ranges between two to three weeks or four weeks. This is determined by the condition of each patient and the percentage of disability.

Adult rehabilitation:

This program is based on sessions between two to four weeks with rehabilitation up to five hours a day and is determined by a physiotherapist and specialized doctors to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment.

Pictures from inside the Adli Medical Center

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