The Exxon Center is located in the Czech capital, Prague. Exxon Center provides occupational therapy, rehabilitation and some motor diseases for children and adults. It treats many problems of the nervous and motor system as well as some of the effects resulting from strokes, accidents and some birth problems. The center provides treatment with the latest intensive treatment for adults and children suffering from cerebral palsy, stroke and some head trauma, as well as spinal cord injuries and some diseases of the central nervous system.

Exxon Center specialties

The Exxon Center treats a range of diseases, the most important of which are the following:

  • Strokes
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • After cancer surgery
  • cases of hypoxia
  • lack of growth
  • Infection with some movement problems resulting from fetal problems

Treatment methods used at Axon Center

1- Locomat treatment: Exxon Rehabilitation Center relies on the use of the Lucomat robotic device for correct training and proper walking

2- Kosmik treatment: This treatment supports the use of a suit that works to strengthen and improve the nerves, in addition to doing some exercise, which leads to strengthening the muscles.

Its goal is to treat cases of cerebral palsy, integration disorders, some strokes, as well as brain tumors, some head and spine injuries, as well as exposure to diseases of the nervous system. This treatment provides impressive results for patients, as it is an effective treatment

3- CI therapy: The center provides intensive treatment for a period of three weeks for patients who suffer from a disability on one side or on one side. It is also very suitable for patients who suffer from cerebral palsy, as well as some strokes and strokes, or some heart diseases and sclerosis. Arteries The treatment is based on the idea of freezing the healthy limb through orthotics, thus activating the affected limb, and this treatment greatly improves movement and contributes to strengthening the muscles.

4- Ergotherapy: This treatment leads to improving and maintaining the functional capabilities of the person and is also very suitable for all different disabilities such as motor, mental, psychological and social disabilities. The goal is the patient’s ability to carry out daily tasks and that depends on doing some exercises.

Intensive training program:

Divided into 4 weeks. Every day 4 hours of sessions (except Saturday and Sunday)

Pictures from inside the Axon Rehabilitation Center

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