Eurovitel ICSI & Fertility Center
It is considered one of the most important modern methods of reproduction. It is one of the most effective centers in the treatment of fertility disorders, and a city in the Czech Republic is one of the most famous in this field. It has extensive experience in this field. The Yoo Fertel Center is one of the training centers that teach reproductive medicine and provide care for many infertile couples, and it is considered one of the best centers in the world.

What is Euro fertil ICSI center and its most important specialties

Euro fertill is a private and modern clinic located in Ostrava, which occupies the third largest country in the Czech city, which contains more than 4000 patients and has achieved success rates of 90% 0%. They have a lot of experience who contribute greatly to achieving the dream of children and childbearing by providing safe pregnancy methods through the use of some modern devices

It is used in the treatment of infertility, and it is well-known in the world in the field of fertility and has been able to gain the trust of customers due to its quality and impressive results. It has been able to solve the problems of many people who suffer from delayed childbearing and infertility.

Accurate diagnosis and treatment of fertility disorders through modern methods of assisted reproduction

  • The sperm is injected into the egg and the egg is fertilized with one sperm
  • Carrying out intrauterine insemination by inserting the selected sperm into the uterus
  • Preparation of the sperm and the work of separating the sperm without separating the animals
  • In vitro fertilization and in vitro fertilization of the egg
  • Make the necessary preparation for the fetus sheath to ensure better efficiency in the uterine membrane
  • Cooling preservation on embryos, eggs and sperm Retention of reproductive cells before treating some tumors
  • The doctor conducts a genetic examination and diagnosis before implantation and performs a genetic examination of the embryos before inserting them into the uterine cavity through the use of organic endoscopy
  • Microsurgery is a collection of sperm or testes with low fertility.

Pictures from inside the Eurovirtel Center

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