The mission of Motul University Hospital is to treat patients on the basis of current knowledge of medical sciences and to provide its clients with comprehensive and high quality specialized care for all stages of human life.

The vision for the future is to make the hospital the “leading” in Czech healthcare in the field of general and specialized care. Having an effective hospital management system, Including a continuous plan for quality improvement, It is essential to achieving both the mission and the vision.

Provides health care and basic, specialized and specialized services in the medical fields, In the form of outpatient and inpatient care for children, adults and the elderly
It is the largest medical facility in the Czech Republic
It consists of 2 interconnected buildings and many separate suites — it has 2199 beds
Outpatient treatment of more than one million patients annually
He treats more than 77,000 patients a year in bed
It has nearly 6000 employees

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We serve generations and help children with what others cannot do.

Motul University Hospital will become a university hospital – one of the most important Czech and European accredited workplaces, Economically stable and scientifically innovative, Provides patients with comprehensive healthcare of an internationally comparable standard from prenatal to senior age – will be friendly to patients, visitors, students and staff

Hospital departments

The hospital has more than 30 different departments, and Motul Hospital is famous for cancer surgeries, as well as orthopedic and neurological operations

Cancer surgeries and treatment with very high cure rates

Therefore, Motul University Hospital has become an important destination for anyone looking for medical tourism and cancer treatment

Treatments and surgeries:

Spinal cord tumors

Knee or hip replacement


prostate cancer

Kidney surgeries and surgeries

Cardiovascular surgery

gland tumors

corneal transplant

brain tumors


Follow-up of pregnancy and childbirth

Cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s

Communication and inquiries :

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