Through this clinic, We work hard to provide comprehensive pediatric care in all subspecialties such as pediatric surgery and neonatal critical care, diseases of the heart and urinary tract, kidney problems, nervous disorders, convulsions, This allows families to diagnose and treat all of their children’s problems in one place. Diagnostics and surgical treatment are handled by highly qualified and experienced medical professionals.
Our experienced specialists as part of the Department of Pediatric Surgery perform specialized surgeries for children in a one- or two-day setting.
All treatments are performed under anesthesia under the strict supervision of anesthesiologists. Comprehensive diagnosis and pre-operative care are carried out by qualified medical staff to ensure the safety and comfort of your child during and after the operation. We provide children with a comfortable space inside the hospital ward, in addition to the possibility of parents staying in the child’s room.

Treatments we provide for children:

    • Plastic surgery
    • testicles
    • Skin Lesion Removal
    • hernia

How do you prepare for the operation and how long do you need to stay in our hospital?

As we know the duration of illness and stay in any hospital is considered stressful in nature. We try as much as possible to shorten your stay in the hospital, so we ask all patients applying for surgery to follow the following rules:
The patient is informed of the dates of all required examinations to be carried out in the hospital registry.
The patient must arrive at the hospital on time, On the date agreed upon during the rehabilitation visit or provided by the hospital registration officer.
Patients who have been notified that the surgery is scheduled on the same day as admission is required to come to the hospital on an empty stomach (food and drink are not allowed 6 hours before the scheduled surgery).

What should the patient take with him on the day of the operation?

  • Referral to hospital
  • Documents necessary to complete the procedures related to admission to the hospital (identity card, valid insurance card, In the case of retired retired card
  • If the patient is unable to work, it is necessary to issue any form of inability to work or a tax identification number to the employer.
  • All test results, x-rays, discharge cards and other medical documents
  • Patients with other illnesses are required to take all medicines used in their original packaging
  • It is necessary to bring: personal hygiene items, Comfortable shoes to change, pajamas, and towels

If the patient is a child, Can parents sleep in the suite?
yes , Parents of a young patient can sleep in the child’s room

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