KSM Hospital offers a multidisciplinary team to deal with most surgical oncological cases, It consists of a group of distinguished surgeons who use all modern methods and international guidelines to provide patients with the best options and care, including:
Work with radiologists and oncologists to perform surgery using chemotherapy or radiation, And cooperation in postoperative adjuvant therapy.
Work with a radiologist to plan surgery or improve cutting margins
Work with a pathologist to ensure appropriate initial treatment

Operation details

Tumors of the intestine and adrenal glands are removed laparoscopically through minimally invasive surgery, several small incisions are made, and then specialized surgical tools are inserted into the abdominal cavity, including a camera that allows the surgeon to monitor the process

Preparing for the operation

Before starting a preventive mastectomy, which is a cause and an increased risk of breast cancer in women, it is necessary to consult with the official. All diagnostic tests are carried out according to the doctor’s recommendations, in addition to preparing and delivering them to the surgeon who will perform the operation.
during the consultation, The surgeon must be provided with all information about the patient’s health, other comorbidities, medications he is taking, and follow all instructions advised by the surgeon before the operation.

Recommended recovery period

The modern minimally invasive laparoscopic method allows the patient to recover faster after surgery compared to the traditional method. The length of the recovery period may vary from one person to another, depending on the health status and condition of the patient. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the doctor’s instructions during the recovery period.

KSM also offers different types of oncology surgery, including:

  • Thyroid and parathyroid tumors
  • gastrointestinal tumors, Including the stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum
  • Lung and chest tumors
  • skin tumors
  • Urinary tract tumors
  • Bone and joint tumors
  • Brain and spine tumors
  • children’s tumors
  • Mastectomy with breast reconstruction
  • Laparoscopic surgery for adrenal gland tumors
  • Laparoscopic surgery for intestinal tumors
    The hospital has doctors who specialize in chemotherapy and radiotherapy that patients may need before and after surgery.

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