About Yanski Lazni Resort:

Yanski Lazni Sanatorium is characterized by its unique location in a charming mountain city with great reputation for being not only one of the best sanatoriums in the Czech Republic, But also the best sports and recreational center in the massive Kirkunosh Mountains. For visitors to the Yanski Lazni Sanatorium to get the experience of fresh air in winter and snow for winter sports fans as well as the beauty and splendour of spring to autumn for cyclists and hiking. That’s why Yanski Lazny Resort has guests all year round!

Yanski Lazni Sanatorium is the only one located in the Czech part of the Konosh Mountains. Specifically located at the foot of Mount Serna Hora, At an altitude of more than 600 meters above sea level. The city of Trotnov is located 11 km away, Pates Bud Sanksha (where the highest mountain peak in the Czech Republic) is located 8 km away.
Yanski Laszny Sanitation is one of the oldest spas in the Czech Republic where Yanski Lazniemen Resort grew up as a therapeutic hot mineral springs in the region. The hot water spring was discovered in 1006 by Zheman Yan of Zhukov, As stated in the historical record. The basis for the spa was laid in the 17th century by Jan Adolphe I, Prince Schwarzenberg was the landowner at the time. The earliest medical report mentioning Janski Lazni’s sanatorium dates back to the same period.
In 1675, Prince Adolf Schwarzenberg obtained the Yansk Lazen territory. The emir was also greatly credited with developing the spa, which created the resort’s first buildings around mineral water springs and commissioned regional physicist GH Hitmayer to write a scientific thesis on mineral water springs. At the beginning of the twentieth century, The sanatorium was world renowned for successfully treating polio, Recent analyses of local spring water have contributed to this, with water analyses proving that in the Yansmi Lazni sanitation, Matches warm springs in the USA. US President Roosevelt was treated. Yanski Lazni has thus become the first such spa in Europe to continue the sanatorium’s success with expertise, quality and tradition preservation to date.

Natural sources of hospitalization:

Yanski Laz Ni Sanatorium provides two sources of physiotherapy: hot mineral water. The climate of the area on the foothills
The hot water spring in the narrow valley flows down the foot of Mount Cherna Hora in the Cr Konosh Mountains from 630 metres above sea level. Water temperature in spring 28 ° C.

Nowadays, Mineral water comes from two wells about 50 meters deep. The springs of Yan and Cherny are under the resort of Lazinski Dom. And they both collect water from the same layer, At a depth of 700 to 1400 meters below the Earth’s surface. Metal hot water passes through broken limestone and becomes saturated with it. The water then rises to a level of 33 metres below the Earth’s surface where it is pumped into reservoirs.

Chemical analysis of water has proved to be a type of pure mineral water containing: Sodium at a rate of 18.02 mg/L. Calcium at a rate of 56.5 mg/L. Magnesium by 5.48 mg/L. Potassium by 2.334 mg/L. Water has these properties because of its accumulation in crystallized limestone rocks. The total mineral content of water is about 300 mg/L, With calcium which is the main ingredient with little gold as well. According to isotope analysis, Yanski Lazni Sanatorium physiotherapy supplier is estimated to be 6,760 years old.

Yanski Sanatorium uses lasni water as a natural way of healing. All water treatment areas are provided with hot mineral water as well as hot water is transported by pipeline to reservoirs at the Children’s Hospital (Vesna). The resort’s swimming pools and dive basins are filled with water.

The local climate is a supportive healing element of physiotherapy, This makes it an ideal site for treatment of chronic and respiratory diseases including asthma and chest allergies. The positive impact of the local climate is mainly due to the diversity of the terrain. This also allows visitors to enjoy their stays during sunny summer days and cold winter nights with low relative humidity and waterlogged places. All this is possible thanks to the abundance of mountain streams scattered throughout the region.

Plants in the National Reserve “Krknoch” are also of great importance. Plants and trees that grow there are great and depend on different climatic seasons. The local climate also allows people to inhale the natural substances that smell in the place, Whether of coniferous conifer trees, Especially fir trees of all kinds, Or medicinal plants in the lawns Mount Nature Reserve “Kirkunosh.”

Method of treatment:

Yanski Lazni sanatorium specializes in treating various types of tumor diseases and respiratory diseases such as asthma, chest allergies, post-surgical conditions of the respiratory tract, muscular and neurological tract diseases, Including muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and polio, sclerosis of all kinds, strokes and complete or partial paralysis as a result of spinal injury or brain injury and Parkinson’s disease. It treats musculoskeletal disorders, post-traumatic conditions and orthopedic processes. It also treats metabolic disorders and endocrine problems including treatment of morbid obesity for adults and children from age 1 to under 18.

The institution has a long history of rehabilitation treatment and the Institute’s rehabilitation procedures do not only comply with the list of official indicators. It also aims to restore the patient’s physical fitness as much as possible. The duration of the stay shall be determined by the doctor depending on the patient’s state of health.
The treatment program in the sanatorium is based on individual exercises performed by the physiotherapist with the patient as recommended by the doctor and according to the patient’s state of health. Professional physiotherapists use analytical and synthetic methods as well as methods based on reception of deep sense. Our approved methods are:

1-The reflexive movement developed by Professor Voita.
2- Professor Kabat’s treatment method.
3- Bobath method, It is a method used in physiotherapy or functional therapy.
4- The baseline mode based on the principle of movement control during genetic development developed by Ms. Shapova.
5- Motor Sensory Stimulation and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Method Developed by Professor Collagen.


These methods are completed through group exercises focused in general and individual treatment in particular, as well as treatment with different robotic devices (different devices for therapeutic exercises). The most famous of these devices is the Alter device developed by NASA scientists and the Czech Republic. A limited number of them include other methods used include electrical therapy, magnetic therapy, phototherapy (lasers and bioluminescents), electrical acupuncture and neuromuscular facilitation. It is a therapeutic technique aimed at achieving economic interaction between muscles with stroke and paraplegia. There are many devices for rehabilitation purposes, like cryotherapy. Functional therapy (undertaking various activities within the sanatorium) is another important part of treatment. Speech education is also an important part of the treatment of speech impairment. After a hard workout the client enjoys comfort and is exposed to a number of stimuli that have a positive impact on his senses and on his motor and psychological skills.

The treatment plan also includes massages, hydrotherapy in swimming pools, diving pools and exercise in pools that use hot mineral water from local springs as a natural source of healing. The treatment program also includes compresses, bravine and gas injections as well as the placement of a medical tape). The patient’s general care is complemented by advice in the field of orthopedic surgery and individual consultations on how to use prostheses if necessary, All facilities in the sanatorium can be accessed through the inland corridors.

Aquacinter – Recreation

The overall rehabilitation basin called aquacinter is 230 square meters and is 120-150 cm deep. The pool is supplied with water from Nabbin mineral water in the resort’s grounds: Yan Spring and Cherny Spring. The pool also has water recreational games such as fountains, And the water currents from below, and reverse water currents (as a water massage), bubble bath, “Jacuzzi” bathroom is indoor and outdoor. You can enjoy the warmth of outdoor water or watch snow while in hot water.
The water place is a comfortable place to relax, Thanks to quiet music and colorful underwater lighting in the evening. Customers can relax in a scented sauna or steam room or relax on comfortable chairs and listen to music. There is also the option to buy massages of various kinds. Water has a role to play in restoring mental and physical energies. The water center is easily accessible, We also provide assistance to patients with physical disabilities to facilitate access to the swimming pool using an automated lever. There is an on-site beverage and sandwich shop.


Fitness (gym) or gym:

Customers have easy access to the Aquacinter Fitness Center, where regular training sessions are held there under the supervision of professional fitness trainers. They are distinguished by using very effective back and joint pain exercises and use Dr Smichka’s well-known SM system in training. Energy drinks and other nutritional supplements are available in the field of accessibility. You can also buy a seasonal reminder at a discounted price.


City Tour:

Yanski Lazny Square is frequently decorated with a large exhibition built in 1904 in the architectural style of Art Novo. The Hall regularly hosts classical and other music evenings, dances, It turns into a coffee shop during the day to serve drinks and desserts. At Yanski Dvor Hall, You can not only listen to classical and other concerts but also attend many adventure trips through travel lectures offered in the hall. Weekends in Yanski Lazni are boosted by live concerts at the main exhibition. The spa also organizes other cultural trips and events for customers.

Don’t just show cinema in the sanatorium. It also hosts theatrical performances and small art exhibitions.
All facilities are accessible to persons with special needs and are easy to navigate for patients using wheelchairs.
Yanski Lazny has many great amenities, Including restaurants with varied menus and cafes in the city centre or Yanski Lazny Cafe – Venice Hall – which offers all kinds of drinks and desserts.

In Yanski Lazni, you will find a 24-hour pharmacy, post office, cinema and ATMs as well as a golf mini. You can also rent bikes and ski equipment from the venue. Yanski Lazni is also accessible to the magnificent city of Shundlrov Mellin and to the city of Farkhalbi and the city with the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, Pats Bud Shinshka, via buses, the nearest train station is 3 km from Yanskie Lazni in the city of Svboda Club obo.



The three main places in the center of Janski Lazni Sanatorium are:
1- Yanski Dom
2- Yanski Dvor
3. Terra Hotel.
These places are associated with corridors for easy access to physiotherapy and central food areas.


Terra Hotel

The Terra Hotel is located in the heart of the spa and connects to the main buildings, Aquacenter and Fitness, By way of a connected corridor. In 2016 the hotel was given a complete renovation from home and abroad! The accommodation includes 13 individual rooms, two suites and 20 double rooms (2 designed for guests in wheelchairs). All rooms have a bathroom with a shower and a seat that can be used to sit in the shower. All major sanatorium facilities are easily accessible to patients using wheelchairs.

Communication and inquiries :

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