A glimpse of the Vesna Children’s Resort

The Vesna Children’s Resort is the largest and newest facility of its kind in the Czech Republic. The treatment of paralysis was an old tradition in the Yanski Lazni sanatorium especially for children. Since 1935, Europe’s first cerebral palsy treatment center has been established in the Yanski Lazni Sanatorium. Similar to spas in the United States. In 1978 the foundation stone of modern architecture was laid in a beautiful and quiet natural environment, Its location lends a healing mountain character. Vesna Resort also specializes in the treatment of children under the age of 18. Since 2013, the resort has been offering rehabilitation treatments within the framework of the Occupational Therapy Institution of Yanski Lazni.

Pediatric patients and everyone accompanying them enjoy the advantage of the resort of Vesna that all treatment and accommodation programs are located in one building. All external and internal areas are barrier-free to ensure maximum comfort for children with physical disabilities. The Yanski Lazni sanatorium is the only sanatorium in the “Kirkunosh” mountain range in the Czech Republic, Stretching up to the foot of Sir Na Hora at an altitude of more than 600 meters, There is a cable car from an urban area to the top of the mountain.

Yanski Lazny Resort is one of the oldest spas in the Czech Republic. Yanski Lazny Resort got its name from the hot therapeutic mineral water that flows from there. A hot spring was discovered in 1006 and according to history, The spring was named after his discoverer, Jan Zeman is a Nabil Zhukov. In the 17th century, The owner of the area (Jan Adolph I) put Prince Schwarzenberg, The foundation of the spa. For the same period, the oldest medical report mentions Yanski Lazni’s sanatorium. But the sanatorium was another ancient name: Svato Jansky Tbiletsi.

One of the most important sources of natural hospitalization:

One of the most important sources of hospitalization in the Sanatorium “Yanski Lazni” is two sources of physiotherapy: Hot mineral water and climate of the area that lies on the foothills of the mountains.
The hot water spring is also located in the narrow valley on the foot of Mount Cherna Hora in the mountains of Kirkunosh and the spring flows from an altitude of 630 m above sea level. 28 ° C is the temperature of spring water. Currently, The mineral water of the thermal complex is provided by two springs with a depth of about 50m which are: The Yan Spring and the Cherny Spring are under the Lazinski Dom Resort Building and both collect water from the same layer 700 to 1400 m below the ground. They are pumped with reservoirs after the mineral thermal water passes through the broken limestone system, It is filled and rises at its source at a depth of 33 m below the Earth’s surface.

Chemical analysis of water has shown that this pure mineral water contains: Sodium by 18.02 mg/l calcium by 56.5 mg/l magnesium by 5.48 mg/l. Potassium by 2.334 mg/L.

The water has good characteristics due to its accumulation of crystallized limestone rock. The total percentage of minerals in water is about 300 mg/L, Calcium with a little gold is also the main ingredient in mineral water inside the complex.
One of the most important therapeutic elements is the climate and nature. The local climate and exquisite nature of Yanski Lazni resorts are suitable for the treatment of chronic and respiratory diseases, including post-respiratory treatment, asthma and chest allergies. The sanatorium “Yanski Lazni” is located in a high area on the foothills with a wonderful summer and winter climate.

The sanatorium offers tourist and therapeutic trips in magnificent mountain areas.

The diversity of the local climate is mainly due to the diversity of the terrain and this allows for the possibility of accommodation in sunny summer and cold winter times. To enjoy places with low relative humidity and (local drought) with water steamy places thanks to the abundant mountain scourges scattered in the place. Plants and trees are another important element of treatment, as trees that sprout on the Krkonoch National Reserve, especially spruce trees of cone species and medicinal plants in mountain meadows, give the local climate and the magnificent nature of the place by inhaling natural materials that flourish in the place and enjoying the picturesque nature.

Method of treatment:

Vesna Resort specializes in the treatment of children and young people up to the age of 18, Specialized in the treatment of oncology and respiratory diseases – providing post-surgical care for the respiratory tract, including asthma and chest allergy. in addition to, treats musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders, Including muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, as well as musculoskeletal disorders, post-traumatic conditions and orthopedic processes. The resort also treats metabolic disorders and endocrine problems including treatment of pathological diseases. Yanski Laszny Sanatorium is a specialized therapeutic institute offering rehabilitation procedures. The Institute’s rehabilitation procedures do not follow a specific list of official indicators. The goal is to restore the patient’s fitness to our best and the spa also offers an intensive neurological rehabilitation program for cerebral palsy patients to expand treatment options.
The spa therapy program is based on individual exercises performed by a physiotherapist with the patient as recommended by the doctor and the patient’s state of health. Professional physiotherapists use analytical, synthetic and deep-sense methods.

The methods used are:

1-The reflexive movement developed by Professor Voita.
2- Professor Kabat’s treatment method.
3- Bobath method, It is a method used in physiotherapy or functional therapy.
4- The basically postural method based on the principle of movement control during Ms. Shapova’s genetic development.
5- 5. Motor sensory stimulation method and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization developed by Professor Kulaj..
These methods are also supported by group exercises in general and individual treatment in particular, Electrical therapy, including electrical stimulation, magnetic therapy and phototherapy (laser, vital lamps), electrical acupuncture, and neuromuscular facilitation. This type of treatment is particularly good for movement disorders caused by multiple sclerosis, stroke, paraplegia or Parkinson’s disease. Cryotherapy and treatment with different robots (different devices for therapeutic exercises) are also options. Functional therapy (various activities within the sanatorium) is also important to teach speech as part of treatment for those with impaired speech. After that, The customer can relax after a hard workout and exposure to stimuli that will have a positive impact on his sensory, motor and psychological skills.

The program also includes therapeutic massage, inhalation of therapeutic substances, Mineral water treatment (swimming pools, plunge pools, exercises in swimming pools). The mineral water sources used in the sanatorium come from the same place as the Yan well and are pumped into a moving bottom basin (the moving bottom provides an opportunity to change the depth of the pond according to the patient’s height). The treatment program also includes compresses, paraffin, body change and music therapy. All areas are barrier-free and adapted to the needs of wheelchair patients.

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In Yanski Lazny’s sanatorium, We recognize that recreational activities are an important part of the treatment process as at our children’s resort we have special rooms equipped with games, computers and other audiovisual means. Trained caregivers prepare numerous activities and trips organized for children and accompanying guests. We also host carnivals, outdoor competitions, music and children’s fairytale shows. Children’s films are also regularly shown in our cinemas – with a capacity of 130 people. To be able for sick children, According to their state of health, Use our outdoor playgrounds and sausage grill.

Mokhumurka Outdoor Park is a great place to have fun for kids. The park has an outdoor playground with “Native American” swings and tennis and a sausage barbecue camp fire. There’s also a wonderful Kirkunoche cottage. You can also visit the Live Animal Reserve. You can reach the farm park via a straight and comfortable road through the park “Mukhumurka” amid giant wooden statues and places to sit and rest on the road.

In Yanski Lazny, The largest amusement park is located in the Czech Republic, With the largest number of games 40 obstacles ranging in height from 4 to 12 meters. It’s an unforgettable experience for children. Inside the rope playground is a children’s playground shorter than 140 cm. This area is equipped with safety belts to make sure children are safe.

Yanski Lazny’s latest addition is the Crown of Trees, a 45-metre high-rise building made entirely of wood, It is located in the middle of the forests of the stunning Kirkunosh National Park. The viewing area is also located at an altitude of 1500 meters. As the experience will take you to the middle of a diverse and unusual forest, Visitors await delightful surprises. You will learn what makes the nature of the crown of trees so special and you will be completely fascinated by the views from the tower. Thanks to its height, You’ll be able to see the big trees like they’re right in front of you. Some are more than 150 years old. In the lower level of the tower there is a unique educational center offering its services.

You can ride a modern cable car to the Cherny Hora Mountains in summer and winter. In the upper and lower stations, You can rent a scooter and enjoy beautiful views in an unconventional way. in winter, You can walk down the mountain slope. even at night, You can take part in organized night tours. You can also rent scooters and skis for fun around the city. There is a store in the children’s resort lobby – open only during daylight hours – that sells drinks and takeaways. There are also machines selling coffee and drinks. There are also restaurants and cafes located near Yanski Lazni, as well as a post office, cinema and 24-hour ATM.

There are buses in the Yanski Lazni Sanatorium to and from Prague (capital) Hradts Kraloveh and the city of Trotnov. There are also transit buses to the magnificent city of Bundelrov 2 miles away. The city of Verkhalabi and Bates Budsnichka over the mountains. The nearest train station is Svobda Nad Abu, which is 3 km away.

Options and accommodation:

The height of the hospital is seven floors and each floor is reserved for patients to varying degrees of physical disability. The hospital is equipped to accommodate patients with the most severe movement disorders. There are more than 300 beds in the building, Including a family for parents who need to stay with their children at the resort. Unaccompanied children are placed in triple-bed rooms with companions who resemble their age and degree of disability. Young children and severely disabled children remain
The second and sixth floors of the Vesna Children’s Resort have been completely renovated. A great accommodation offers full accommodation and facilities to accommodate you. Accommodation varies to accommodate foreign patients and their companions. There are family suites and apartments for families with or without a kitchen, Plus single rooms with or without a kitchen. Customers can use washing machine and dryer for fee, Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the building.

The catering facility cooperates with a dietitian to plan and prepare meals based on the principles of healthy eating and children’s diets. This is done by taking into account current information about children’s nutrition. Nutritionists create individual diets for children with food allergies or require a special diet.
The treatment center has places where children of preschool and school age are served. For patients with mental disabilities and persons with severe disabilities who cannot eat in catering places, Food is brought to their rooms. The dietitian also provides food to patients and those responsible for their treatment programs in individual canteens, This ensures that children’s meals are palatable and directed towards adherence to healthy food and basic health and cultural customs.

The surrounding areas of the city:

The resort is surrounded by the highest mountains not only in the Czech Republic, But also in central Europe north of the Alps. The presence of tundra (an area where plants do not grow due to frost) in the frozen Alps makes giant mountains an exceptional Arctic island with rich Alpine flora and fauna in central Europe.
The cable car connects the main centre of the Kirkunosh Mountains to the mountain hills, So you can enjoy nature even in hard-to-reach places. Of course, This includes the Yanski Lazny area. The new cable car will take you to the top of the Shernie Horry Mountains (1299 meters above sea level). There are hiking trails in winter and summer along the hills and in the Kirkunosh Nature Reserve areas.

Yanski Lazny Resort is one of the most beloved winter ski resorts in the Czech Republic with a length of 44 km. In the summer, The site is popular with hikers and cyclists due to easy-to-follow trails leading to nearby mountains.
Diversify your spa stay by taking trips to the surrounding areas! There are a lot of monuments that can be seen, Like Barocane Castle, Cox Archaeological Hospital with a collection of statues and monuments from the Baroque era, The Holy Trinity Church with the Count’s Tomb. The most famous zoo in the Czech Republic is located in Dvor Karlovi Club Lam, Which offers summer safari in the evening. Or see the wonderful Texa Castle, It is the only one of its kind in the Giant Mountains region. With interior spaces, It’s easy to access.
Our spa offers a quiet experience in a spectacular mountain setting. Walking in fresh air at an altitude of 600 meters will do wonders for your body and soul.

Preschool and school education:

Children learn in primary school and nurseries, located directly in the Children’s Hospital building, During spa therapy and rehabilitation. The philosophy of kindergarten faculty is to instill independence and self-confidence in children, provide them with a good social background and lay the foundations for lifelong learning. Kindergarten education is closely linked to the child’s treatment and all activities are adapted to his or her disability and state of health.

The aim of primary school teaching is to review and practice the basics of the curriculum so that students can return to school – after the completion of the treatment program – without any problems. Those who do not have medical procedures or homework are cared for by qualified caregivers, Kindergarten is sponsored by kindergarten teachers. Sanatorium activities are compatible with recreational and educational objectives

In the summer, The clinic’s caregivers organize carnivals, discos, singing competitions and summer afternoon sports for young children between the ages of 3 and 7. For children aged 12 and over, We prepare various cognitive programs and tournaments in chess, checkers and table tennis. Their activities focus on sport and the organization of events in the sanatorium. We try to lead and guide these children to play an active role in creating programs for themselves and younger patients. Our caregivers are constantly learning and innovating innovative activities so that our patients feel mentally and physically balanced.

Communication and inquiries :

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