Medical tourism in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country It is one of the European Union countries and is characterized by many distinctive and picturesque natural landscapes and places that attract the largest number of visitors and tourists to visit the country, as it is characterized by the presence of the largest number of clinics and distinguished treatment centers, most of which are considered natural. Various diseases and the country of Slovakia contains a large group of natural healing baths, whether thermal or therapeutic baths, where Slovakia is distinguished from other European countries in terms of physical therapy and therapeutic clinics, in addition to the presence of many tourist attractions and tourist areas in the European country of Slovakia, including the Bratislava Castle, the natural bridge The Danube is the suspension bridge, where Slovakia is characterized by the presence of natural places, parks, gardens, drawing galleries and many natural tourist aspects that make it distinct from other European countries.

Where Slovakia is one of the best medical tourism choices in Europe, because it has a group of sanatoriums, natural treatment centers and hospitals that have been modernized with all modern technologies that keep pace with technological developments. Natural and touristic manifestations in the world during your visit to Slovakia.

Thermal spas and energy spas

The European country of Slovakia is famous for the presence of therapeutic resorts and therapeutic baths that treat the largest number of diseases that affect the human body in a natural way, as it contains a large number of mineral hot water baths that heal diseases and get rid of health problems for patients. Therefore, Slovakia is the best choice for treatment Enjoy a complete natural treatment trip and get rid of all the health problems that you face. The most important of these therapeutic resorts are the following:

sulfur clay Where sulfur clay is rich in many beneficial minerals for the body, including sulfur and many salts and mineral elements, in addition to the presence of natural hot water that helps in treating diseases and helps the individual to obtain complete relaxation in addition to improving the health and mood of the patient, which helps him in expelling toxins and diseases from The body, where sulfur mud helps to improve movement and walking and also strengthens the muscles and bones in the body, which leads to the disposal of many problems in the body and provides the body with the necessary energy and vitality.

Where it has been proven that sulfur mud has the ability to get rid of many diseases and health and psychological problems that hinder the patient’s response to chemical treatments, but sulfur mud helps to get rid of bone and muscle problems and also helps in healing cases of muscle injuries and the inability to move and walk and improve the disease condition and psychological condition of the patient, which increases his ability to receive treatment, Where sulfur clay helps to get rid of skin problems and skin allergies and also softens the skin and gives it vitality and natural freshness to the skin, which prepares the skin for its clean and attractive appearance. It also gets rid of the outer layer of the skin and helps in whitening the skin and eliminating the surface layer of the skin that is constantly exposed to the sun.

Sanatoriums, physiotherapy centers and hospitals in Slovakia also apply the latest technologies and technological developments in the field of medicine and physiotherapy and use the latest medical devices and provide the best treatment methods that cure many disease cases.

Therapeutic sanatoriums in the city of Pestany in Slovakia

Therapeutic clinics in Slovakia use sulfur water because it helps in treating many diseases because it contains important and effective minerals and compounds to get rid of the diseases facing the human body. It also helps sulfur water in the natural treatment of sick conditions and contributes to obtaining periods of recuperation and relaxation after the treatment process.

Diseases that are treated in Pestane, Slovakia

Many diseases that confront and invade the human body are treated in the therapeutic clinics of the Slovakian city of Pestani, but the most important of those diseases that are treated by the therapeutic clinics are:

  • Therapeutic clinics in Pishtani treat bone and joint diseases.
  • Helps to get rid of back and spine diseases.
  • It also helps in treating rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, and many joint problems, whether simple diseases or chronic diseases.
  • Through the medical trip to the Slovakian city of Pestani, physiotherapy and the elimination of cerebral palsy or paralysis of the limbs can be achieved through physiotherapy.

The method of treatment in the city of Pestani in Slovakia

The treatment is carried out in the Irma building located in the Mirror Basin, where many health problems are treated, including the treatment of stress, anxiety and exhaustion. It also treats severe sweating, which helps to get rid of toxins and microbes in the human body.

  • Where the patient is placed in thermal or sulfur mineral water for a period ranging between 25:20 continuous minutes, and a gas is pumped into the water, which is carbon dioxide, which helps in treating blood pressure. 15 minutes and this bath should be repeated twice a week to get the best results.

mud masks

Clay is used in Bestness Clinic because it has a great therapeutic ability and is characterized by the presence of wonderful and very effective therapeutic properties. The clay mask is placed on the entire body from the beginning of the neck to the tips of the feet, with a thickness of about 6 cm. A thick layer of the clay mask must be placed and then the clay mask is left on the body for a period of time. Ranging from 60:55 minutes no less, after which the mud mask is removed from the body and helps to get rid of bone and muscle problems and helps treat inflammation and cartilage, as well as the spine, connective tissues and knee problems.


Paravango compresses

Paravango compresses are used to treat many orthopedic diseases and also help to get rid of chronic diseases that affect the human body. This is done by placing paraffin wax with types of therapeutic mud and is placed on the body and the affected places in the body and is characterized as very useful for the body.

Underwater Acupressure Physiotherapy

This helps to get rid of muscle pain and chronic pain caused by bruises in the muscles and body, as this is done by a distinguished physiotherapist to get rid of muscle problems and tighten them in the right way.

Galvanic bath

The galvanic bath is one of the most important natural baths that are beneficial to the body, because it treats rheumatoid arthritis by passing an electric current at the time of using the water bath.

carbon dioxide bath

It is one of the types of gas baths, as it is used in the treatment of many injuries of the heart, arteries and blood vessels, as it treats these diseases of the heart, heart attacks and joints, and also treats muscles and their problems.

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