There are many myths about physiotherapy that cause a large number of patients and injured not to resort to physiotherapy because those myths that cause some personal disputes for the individual and prevent him from going to physiotherapists or doing physiotherapy.

But the truth is that physiotherapy is one of the simplest and best medical professions that can treat patients and that does not cause symptoms, like some other treatment methods such as surgeries and chemicals that cause some damage to the human body and the patient’s health.

Therefore, physiotherapy is considered the best of these methods, because it does not affect the patient with many side effects that affect public health or affect some other parts of the patient’s body and affect them directly.

But there are many myths about physical therapy that cause many patients to stop doing physical therapy, and there are also some wrong models that have been treated with the wrong methods of physical therapy, which cause some of these myths about physical therapy, but what are the most famous of those myths that revolve around Physiotherapists and physiotherapists.

The most common myths about physical therapy

There is a wide range of opinions and misconceptions about the treatment of some medical conditions that do not require surgical interventions, or the patients of these cases do not want to go to chemotherapy or surgeries that affect the patient’s life later, Or it may cause some severe side effects in the treatment journey later.

But physiotherapy is one of the best methods and best treatment experience all sick cases must go to the physiotherapist in order to diagnose the disease and know the extent of its need for physical therapy and what is the appropriate treatment method for that case.

But myths and gossip are increasing about physical therapy and clarification of the disadvantages of physical therapy through those myths and false gossip, including the following: –

Physiotherapy treats only accident injuries

This is one of the first myths about physical therapy. “Physical therapy only treats accident injuries or fractures and the problems that the patient is exposed to from the effects of the accident that the patient is exposed to.”

But the truth is that physiotherapy treats many many injuries and diseases that the patient suffers from. The role of physiotherapy is not limited to those injuries associated with accidents, but it can treat bone and joint problems.

It can also reactivate the blood circulation, restore the activity of blood vessels, and help in not blocking the arteries and vessels in the human body, which in some cases causes cerebral palsy or paralysis of one of the limbs in the human body. Which, due to exposure to these cases, resorts to more than one treatment method in order to treat these difficult cases.

But physiotherapy can treat cases of cerebral palsy and paralysis of all kinds, contrary to myths and rumors in general.

Where physical therapy helps to treat severe injuries and lack of flexibility in the muscles and bones, which greatly affect the nature of the movement of the body, which can lose the patient’s the ability to move and move the muscles of the body and the various joints of the body.

Physiotherapy offers the best treatment methods, whether manual therapy or other methods that help in the treatment of paralysis and carpal tunnel syndrome and many different conditions such as back pain, disc, bone pain and treatment of frozen shoulder.

The role of physical therapy is limited to massaging the muscles of the body

Many patients, ordinary people, and some physiotherapists believe that physical therapy is limited to doing muscle massage and tightening the muscles of the body, But the truth is that physical therapy is not limited to massaging, tightening and lengthening the muscles.

But physiotherapy offers a wide range of therapeutic exercises and exercises that are appropriate to the patient’s condition and that help the patient to restore the movement of the body mainly, And those sessions through which the body is massaged and the muscles of the body that are affected by muscle tension are massaged.

But the truth is that these sessions are only one of the sessions performed by physical therapy, but there is a large variety of sessions that add to the human body and the muscles of the body more flexibility and movement naturally.

In addition to the ability of physiotherapy to relieve severe pain caused by muscle tension and muscle tears and its ability to move the muscles of the body as quickly as possible through the required sessions and the use of some devices used in physiotherapy.

In order to treat these conditions and respond to myth and gossip in the right way.

Physiotherapy is a painful treatment method

This myth shows that the therapeutic methods used by physiotherapists are painful and difficult, and therefore some patients feel anxious and afraid to go to physiotherapists, This is because they do not face those severe pains, which they think are painful and severe to a large extent.

But the truth is that physiotherapy is one of its main goals is to relieve the severe pain that the patient is exposed to at all stages of treatment, because the first and primary goal is to get rid of these health problems and relieve the pain that the patient suffers from.

Physiotherapy also helps in restoring the movement of the body and restoring the daily activities and the usual activities carried out by the patient and also helps in reaching the stage of complete recovery from the diseases facing the body.

Surgical operations, not physiotherapy

This myth is based on the importance of surgeries and chemotherapy and the failure of physical therapy to treat many conditions that need physical therapy without surgery.

But there are some medical cases that basically need to do surgery in order to get rid of this health problem, but that does not completely negate the role of physical therapy in treating many disease conditions and health problems that may not primarily need surgeries.

Physiotherapy offers the best treatment experiences that can treat bone problems such as osteoporosis, where physiotherapy is the best treatment options in this case, and in this case, surgery can be replaced with physical therapy, and there are many similar cases.

Physiotherapy can be done without consulting a physiotherapist
There are some patients who can do physical therapy on their own without consulting their physician or physiotherapist.

But the truth is, it is preferable to consult a physiotherapist to avoid making a mistake in the therapeutic exercises performed by the patient, and because exposure to error in therapeutic exercises and exercises performed by the patient may affect the patient’s body and muscles in a large way.

Also, unhealthy exercises cause complete damage to the human body and affect the treatment journey that the physiotherapist explains in case of diagnosis. But it requires more professionalism, focus, and study of the importance of therapeutic exercises in treating these various diseases and conditions, and the importance of correct diagnosis.

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