physical therapy and obesity treatment, Obesity can be defined as excessive weight gain. Where the body in the case of obesity reaches a mass of 30 times more weight than the normal state of the body, where the body mass is the proportion of the actual length of the body with weight.

Thus, it is possible to obtain an ideal weight completely free of fat and health problems, In cases of obesity, the body tissues may suffer significantly from excess weight, which leads to a change in some body functions or exposure to diseases and health problems that affect the body due to the excessive increase in weight and the accumulation of a large amount of fat in the blood and tissues and works to disrupt some of the functions of the organs in the body, which It leads to high blood pressure, diabetes and many other diseases.

Physiotherapy and obesity treatment

Therefore, a large number of doctors advise not to overeat foods that contain a high percentage of fat and calories, which work to gain weight quickly and because of eating foods containing a high percentage of fat and accumulated calories, Where it leads to infection of the body with a large number of diseases that affect the human being and his general health.

Obesity or people with obesity is one of the most famous global diseases that cause the incidence of some diseases at all ages due to the excessive increase in weight and body in addition to the accumulation of fat in the arteries and blood vessels.

Which leads to blockage of capillaries and arteries, but we must address cases of obesity and know the reasons that lead or work to increase the body and increase body fat levels and motivate to get rid of obesity.

This is because all doctors warn against obesity because of the damage it causes to the body and health. In addition to reducing movement and difficulty, The obese patient suffers from a large number of health and physical problems.

Therefore, care must be taken not to eat foods containing high levels of fat and to adhere to the healthy and nutritional regime specified by the attending physician.

Causes and factors leading to obesity

Obesity is one of the health problems that many people face because of the change in the normal life activity or daily routine, and obesity induces laziness, inability to move and walk, and direct dependence on sitting.

This leads to the consumption of significantly more calories, But obesity is not limited to eating foods that are high in fat and calories. But obesity can develop due to genetic factors and genes that play a major role in obesity.

You find children who suffer from obesity. When you look at their parents, you find that they are obese, and this is one of the causes of obesity, genetic factors and genes in children.

Where obesity has a significant impact on the functions of the body, the nature of movement and the nature of the working life of the obese sufferer, In addition to some environmental factors that contribute to an increase in obesity rates, which contribute to a significant increase in weight.

Studies and research have shown that about %70:40% develop obesity due to genetic factors and genes caused by parents and not natural and environmental factors and the nature and lifestyle of life.

Therefore, obese patients suffer in the event of obesity due to genetic factors and genes, some health problems that make them eager to enjoy happy times.

And some other studies have proven that obesity is a group of genes that lose the body’s ability to control weight regulation and stimulate it to burn fat and calories accumulated in the body. It is not limited to the presence of a single genetic defect in the body, but rather a group of defective genes.

But in the old days, the only belief was that obesity is the usual lifestyle and the nature of the movement of the affected person and the diets that the obese person eats, which works to gain weight quickly and leads to the appearance of obesity in the body.

Complications of health problems caused by obesity

Obesity is one of the causes that increases the number of deaths in the world, But there are a group of diseases that obese people suffer from, and these diseases are:-

  • An obese person may have a direct rise in blood pressure.
  • An obese person has a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes but also type 2 diabetes.
  • The obese person also suffers from a direct rise in body fat levels and a noticeable increase in the blood.
  • Atherosclerosis or problems in the blood vessels due to an increase in the level of fats in the blood, which leads to blockage of the arteries and blood vessels in the body.
  • Obese patient also suffers from many psychological and physical problems that cause him physical diseases, The poor mental state affects the body and causes it to suffer from many other problems.
  • Obese suffers from joint problems, osteoarthritis, respiratory joint disease, and many social problems in normal life or daily routine.

The role of physical therapy in the treatment of obesity or weight loss

You must follow the instructions and techniques specified by the attending physician from healthy diets that are appropriate to the disease condition and motivate you to lose weight by eating healthy meals necessary for the body and that do not contain a high percentage of fat and calories that contribute to weight gain. Therefore, body weight and rate of increase and decrease must be maintained.

The instructions and instructions specified by the physician treating obese patients are also completely similar to the instructions and instructions for people who do not suffer from obesity, and these instructions are:-

  • Not eating processed food that contains a high percentage of fat, which gives the body more excess weight, in addition to helping to destroy the general diet.
  • Reducing the amount of body consumption of fats and calories, reducing the consumption of sugars and alcohol, and regulating ratios.
  • You should eat healthy foods that are high in dietary fiber that helps in maintaining the body and maintaining normal body weight.

The attending physician must Obesity education From the seriousness of the matter and motivating him to plan the nutritional menus that the body basically needs without obtaining an amount of fat, the behavioral culture of the patient and how to deal with the disease condition and motivating the patient to lose weight and improve the mood of the affected person, which helps in receiving information and implementing it naturally without pressure.

Exercising: Exercising reduces excess weight and improves mood, in addition to helping to improve the health of the body and body functions, and works to stimulate the organic organs of the body to play their primary role.

Sports provide the body with many health benefits and the necessary energy, and for this reason, the necessary steps and methods to exercise and adhere to them must be followed in order to obtain the ideal weight, good health, and basically get rid of obesity.

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