What is sciatica?

It’s called sciatica For all the pain resulting from inflammation of the sciatic nerve, where some severe pain, irritation and strong pressure on that nerve occur. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body, where the sciatica or sciatic nerve starts from the lowest ways of the spinal cord at the area behind the pelvis, where the sciatic nerve passes through the buttocks And the thighs until it reaches the feet, specifically the palms of the feet, but there are pains resulting from pain, inflammation and irritation of the sciatic nerve or sciatica. Him and how to get rid and treatment of sciatica.

Symptoms associated with the occurrence of sciatica

There are many symptoms associated with sciatica patients, as it is considered one of the most severe pains that affect the body, which a large number of sufferers suffer from inflammation and irritation of the sciatic nerve. These are symptoms of sciatica, but the accompanying symptoms are:

  • The appearance of pain begins in the lower back, which is the beginning of sciatica, as the pain progresses until it reaches the thighs and legs until we reach the palms and toes.
  • The pain caused by irritation of the sciatica or the sciatic nerve begins with a slight slight pain and increases until the pain becomes very strong. The patient also develops an increase in sneezing with the intensity of the pain and suffers from severe coughing and other health problems.
  • A sciatica sufferer faces many muscle problems that may affect muscle strength and health. A sciatica sufferer faces weakness in the buttocks and leg muscles.
  • Many feel the pain caused by sciatica, and this strong pain is not comparable with the pain caused by the back.

Causes leading to the emergence of sciatica or inflammation of the sciatic nerve

There are many causes that lead to the emergence of sciatica and pain resulting from sciatica, where the patient suffers from sciatica due to a slipped disc or disc or a herniation, but there are many other reasons that cause sciatica to occur, and these reasons include the following:

Sliding disc or disc

The spine in the human body is made up of three parts:

  • A group of vertebrae of different size and location. They are characterized as bony vertebrae that form the spine and protect the spinal cord and the nerves that are located on the discs.
  • The disc consists of a group of solid fibrils that contain a soft liquid substance called a jelly, which is very similar to jelly.
  • Nerve or nerves in the spine, where the sciatica patient suffers from slipped discs and vertebrae, or slipped disc or disc, where the discs in the spine are damaged and eroded, which leads to bone erosion and the pressure becomes severe on the nerves and then affects the sciatic nerve or sciatica and thus suffers The patient suffers from sciatica or irritation of the nerves and the sciatic nerve.

Where sciatica and pressure on nerves cause weakness in the ability to move and walk and affect muscle health and lead to weakness, but there is a possibility to reduce the risk of slipped disc.

It is necessary to obtain a certain comfortable position that helps to get some rest, and some work must be done to lift the large weights, It is also necessary to do physical activities, sports activities and healthy exercise that are appropriate to the disease condition and help to get rid of the pain resulting from irritation of the sciatica or the sciatic nerve, as this helps to get rid of the pain and reduce its severity.

spinal stenosis

This is the least prevalent and common cause of sciatic nerve infection, through narrowing the nerve passages that reside inside the spine or exposure to severe injury and infections in the spine. The patient can also develop sciatica due to the presence of some tumors that grow inside the spine, Where the spine narrows due to the swelling and swelling of the ligaments, the growth of protrusions and protrusions in the discs of the bony vertebrae of the spine, Where the injury is concentrated at that time in the lower back area and also can be exposed to heaviness in the movement of the feet and difficulty in movement and walking, which affects the entire sciatic nerve. This is caused by an injury to the joints in the spine, which causes the spine to not be able to straighten normally, which affects movement and leads to many infections and pain resulting from sciatica.


Spondylolisthesis or spondylolisthesis is one of the causes of sciatica, where the vertebra slips over the other vertebra, but in the event of pressure from one of the sliding vertebrae to contact the sciatic nerve or sciatica, this causes severe pain in the lower back, legs and feet. Where the first and main cause of spondylolisthesis is the factor of aging or degenerative damage that affects the joints of the bone and the skeleton in general, but if sciatica is infected in those early stages of life, it is due to exposure to fractures and traumas in the spine and frequent bends.

But the causes of sciatica are not limited to these three reasons, but there are many other causes that are one of the pathological conditions affected by sciatica and are considered rare cases where the patient suffers from sciatica pain due to the following:

  • The spine has been exposed to any type of severe inflammation in the spine.
  • Exposure to spinal injury or injury to the muscles surrounding the spine and other ligaments.
  • Exposure to injury due to a type of internal tumor in the spine or the presence of bumps inside the spine
  • Cauda equina syndrome is one of the very rare conditions that cause sciatica, because it puts pressure on the nerves and may lead to paralysis.

Sciatica treatment

Physiotherapy is the ideal solution in the case of treating sciatica, because exercise and physical activities are what restore the body’s movement and ability to move and walk, as it also helps restore the patient’s ability to move and reduce the intensity of pain relieve pain and get rid of it, and cold compresses are also considered One of the natural treatment methods that help get rid of sciatica pain is by placing a cold ice bag on the pain area and relieves pain. Analgesics and medications are also treatments, but they do not treat sciatica, but rather work to remove the pain for a time and then the pain returns again, but Physical therapy is the best solution to treat pain caused by sciatica or sciatica.

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