The best sanatoriums in the Czech Republic, The Czech Republic is famous for being one of the most important and best European countries that provide many physiotherapy services, thanks to its possession of many clinics that work to relieve pain and treat many diseases from diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, There are also some clinics that work to lose weight and treat skin diseases and many other diseases that concern young people, the elderly and children as well.

Therefore, the Czech Republic is one of the most famous countries in the world that are interested in this field, and it has the best clinics, The reason is that it is one of the best countries in this field because it has many springs of water saturated with mineral elements, bromine, iodine and many important elements that help relieve pain and treat many diseases.

The best clinics in the Czech Republic and how to choose the right clinic

In this article on the Midond website, we offer you the best clinics in the Czech Republic, All followers can learn about the many clinics in the Czech Republic, In this article, we help you to choose the appropriate clinic according to the pain and diseases that the patient suffers from, The clinic is chosen according to the disease as follows:-

Treatment of diseases and pain in the joints, spine, osteoporosis and joints:-

  • Tree of Life Sanatorium.
  • Darkov Sanatorium.
  • Sanatoriums of Teplice.
  • Sanatoriums Yakhimov.

Treatment of accidents and paralysis of all kinds and treatment of clots:-

  • Darkov Sanatorium.
  • Dubey sanatorium.
  • Sanatoriums Jansky Lazne.
  • Cladrobe Sanatorium.
  • Sanatorium Klimkovice.

Diseases of pressure, diabetes and treatment of excess weight:-

  • Tree of Life Sanatorium.
  • Sanatoriums Karlovy Vary.

Treatment of children in the Czech Republic:-

  • Sanatoriums of Teplice.
  • Jansky Lazne Sanatorium.
  • Sanatorium Klimkovice.

What distinguishes Czech clinics from other clinics in the world?

The importance of the sanatoriums in the Czech Republic lies in the presence of mineral water saturated with many important mineral elements of iodine, bromine and many other elements that greatly relieve pain and get rid of many diseases The clinics in the Czech Republic are also famous for having the most efficient doctors in the world in the field of physical therapy, which is the Czech Republic’s pioneer in this field.

These clinics greatly help to get rid of many pains and diseases such as

  • musculoskeletal system diseases
  • Nervous system diseases such as joints, spine and rheumatism
  • In addition to diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • Rehabilitation after orthopedic operations, joint operations, clots of all kinds, quadriplegia and polio
  • There are also some clinics that treat obesity and treat respiratory problems

The best clinics in the Czech Republic

First: Klimkovice Sanatorium:

sanatorium Klimkovice
sanatorium Klimkovice

Clinic Klimkovice is one of the best clinics in the Czech Republic, which is located in the east of the Czech Republic. The clinic provides rehabilitation, physiotherapy and neurorehabilitation for patients with some disabilities, and also treats paralysis of all kinds, and provides treatment to all patients, both adults and young people. Cerebral palsy cases and diseases of the spine and brain are treated.

Post-thrombotic cases are also treated and rehabilitated inside the clinic and after joint replacement operations, For treatment, the clinic relies on a group of the best and most efficient doctors in addition to a very distinguished medical assistant staff

The best and most beneficial treatment methods are used. In addition to the use of modern devices and equipment in treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation devices.

The clinic also relies on natural sources of mineral and saline water saturated with bromine and iodine, and water that contains a large percentage of minerals. The clinic is divided into two buildings, building A, which is intended for the treatment of adults and the elderly, As for building B, which is designated for treating children inside the clinic.

Methods of treatment in the sanatorium Klimkovice in the Czech Republic:-

The sanatorium offers treatment for all age groups of adults and children suffering from many diseases of the locomotor and nervous systems.

It also helps in the treatment of clots, strokes, joint and spine diseases, In addition to the treatment of growth deficiencies in children that result from lack of oxygen during childbirth.

The clinic is constantly working to provide the latest equipment, the most efficient doctors in the field of physical therapy, and the best and most recent equipment that is used in examination and diagnosis.

The main reason for the popularity of the Klimkovice Clinic is that it treats children and adolescents, thanks to the medical and therapeutic advances that the clinic has reached.

The most important programs that are used in the treatment of patients inside the clinic:-

Classical treatment program:

This program is based on individual exercise therapy and occupational therapy, which is based on some modern dynamic exercises and equipment.

This treatment program also relies on basins filled with water saturated with iodine, bromine and many minerals.


The program relies on doing many intense exercises for an hour and a half straight. This program has been shown to be very effective in many patients with neurological diseases.

However, people with some skin diseases and malignant tumors, as well as patients with bleeding, diabetes and anemia, are prohibited from this program.

Intensive Program “REHA KLIM +18”:-

This program is designed for children and adults with cerebral palsy who are unable to move and some brain diseases, This program relies on performing some strong exercises that help improve the performance of the body and nervous system and strengthen nerves and muscles.

Second: Sanatorium Mariinsky Lazne:

sanatorium Mariinsky Lazne
sanatorium Mariinsky Lazne

The clinic Marinsky Lazne is one of the best clinics in the Czech Republic and the most famous building in the Czech Republic, where it is located in a very privileged location and has beautiful landscapes. The sanatorium also has a great historical fame in the world, where there is a Turkish bath, which is characterized by beautiful nature and is characterized by marble columns, which was founded in 1896.

The sanatorium is famous for having fresh water pools that treat many diseases. It also has several mineral water basins.

The clinic relies on the treatment of natural sources that are used to relieve pain. Among the natural sources that are used in treatment:-

  • mineral water:-

The sanatorium contains seven sources of cold mineral water, and therefore it is available in a very large number.

This water treats many diseases

  • musculoskeletal system diseases
  • Nervous system
  • And treatment of joints
  • In addition to treating kidney disease,
  • and gastrointestinal diseases

Mineral water has proven very effective in getting rid of these pains and diseases.

  • rocky vegetable soil:-

The plant soil inside the Mariinsky Lazne sanatorium contains many organic and inorganic substances that are widely used to moisturize the body. And that by mixing the soil with mineral water and heating it.

  • Natural carbon dioxide gas “Maryam gas”: –

It is a volcanic gas that contains a large proportion of carbon dioxide, which greatly activates and improves blood circulation, improves the work of the kidneys, and improves the performance of the body in general.

Convalescence and recuperation centers in the sanatorium Mariinsky Lazne:

  • Aesthetic laser center:-

It contains heated cabins, medical and treatment cabins, steam cabins and recreational cabins.

  • Royal Health Treatment Center:-

The treatment in this center relies on mineral water, which is used for body massage. In addition to electrotherapy and carbon dioxide baths.

The original clay is also used and the center contains three types of basins such as

  1. Jacuzzi tubs
  2. foam bath
  3. There is also treatment through the use of needles and through sunlight.
  • Kneipp Center with a small lake:-

Which contains body care, cosmetic treatments and natural massages, and contains a hydro center, swimming pool, steam bath, heated bath, small lake and salt cave.

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