thrombosis treatment in czech republic, Stroke disease is one of the most famous and most dangerous diseases that may affect any person at any age, and sometimes leads to death. It is a seizure that occurs due to a sudden blockage or rupture in the blood vessels, which leads to the cessation of blood flow to any part of the brain, which causes the death of some brain cells due to the cessation of oxygen and food, Strokes lead to loss of movement in some parts of the body, and in the worst cases, death.

Stroke cases are one of the diseases and emergencies that must be treated immediately, and the time factor greatly affects the treatment of these cases.

In these cases, prompt treatment will reduce the damage that may occur to the brain after an injury and reduce complications that may also occur afterwards.

Symptoms of clots and strokes

We also mentioned that thrombosis or stroke is one of the most dangerous diseases that may affect humans at all ages. Among the most important symptoms that may appear in a person who has had a stroke, she:-

  1. Weakness and numbness (numbness) on one side of the body and the inability to move one or both sides of the body.
  2. You have difficulty speaking by the affected person or uttering unintelligible words.
  3. Sudden confusion in one or both eyes, as well as difficulty seeing.
  4. One of the symptoms of stroke is also a persistent severe headache, which occurs suddenly and without any reason.
  5. Inability to walk, loss of body control, and sudden loss of balance, with no identifiable cause.

There are many other symptoms that a stroke sufferer may appear over time, As we mentioned earlier, the more time passes without treatment, the more difficult the condition becomes. As soon as you feel these symptoms or notice any of these symptoms, anyone close to you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to receive treatment.

Diagnosis of stroke or stroke

Before starting the treatment of stroke, the doctor must examine to diagnose the disease, where the affected part must be known and identified, and many tests must be carried out to ensure that the stroke is not caused by one of the other diseases such as tumors, The attending physician must also determine the type of stroke or stroke to know the extent of its severity and impact on the patient’s body and to know whether complications occurred or not. Among the most important tests that doctors rely on in determining the type of stroke are:

  • First: The doctor performs a comprehensive physical examination of the patient.
  • Second: Many x-rays are done on the arteries.
  • Third: Imaging the arteries and knowing their movement inside the body.

Thrombosis treatment in the Czech Republic

Chem State is famous for the most important and best clinics that treat many diseases using the best modern therapeutic devices and physiotherapy. Where the Czech Republic is the pioneer of physical therapy in Europe, but in the whole world, In this article, we explain to you the most important clinics that treat clots in the Czech Republic.

Dube clinic is one of the best clinics in the Czech Republic. It treats many diseases

  • as musculoskeletal diseases
  • nervous system diseases
  • In addition to treating many different cases of paralysis
  • And many other diseases

But stroke or stroke is the most important disease that is treated within the Dobi Clinic, Where the latest and best devices are used in treatment and rehabilitation after treatment of clots.

First: The main treatment methods at Dubi Clinic

Principal modalities therapy is first used for the treatment of thromboembolism in the Czech Republic and is the use of many

  1. Individual exercises where there is a wide range of exercises and rehabilitation that are carried out by doctors specializing in the field of physical therapy.
  2. In addition to the use of mechanical therapy and physical therapy.
  3. In addition to the use of occupational therapy to get rid of clots in an attempt to restore some of the motor functions of the patient’s body.

Second: Types of thromboembolism treatment in Dubey Clinic

There are many methods of treating clots in the Czech Republic, especially in the Dubi clinic, where the clinic uses many different treatment methods to treat strokes or strokes. And electrotherapyGas acupuncture in addition to water therapy, heat therapy, magnetic therapy, mud therapy, gas therapy such as carbon dioxide or oxygen gas therapy, In addition to the presence of many modern therapeutic devices such as the extremity massage device and the underwater massage device, Salt water and water saturated with mineral elements are used.

Third: Robotic rehabilitation

Robotic rehabilitation One of the best modern treatment methods that help in rehabilitating the affected limbs after treating clots in the Czech Republic, This device is a unique device that can only be found in Dubi Clinic.

In addition to working to rehabilitate the lower extremities of the body, he also performs massage and therapeutic care for these extremities.

This device was developed to help people with stroke to restore the ability to walk and maintain body balance.

Among the most important features offered by the robotic walking simulator are:

  1. It simulates realistic walking and at the same time can modify some information about walking and manage the system that leads to the practice of natural movement.
  2. In addition to coordination of movement and balance.
  3. The device also enables scene visualization, which increases motivation to communicate information in real time.

Thrombolysis prices in the Czech Republic

The lowest cost of thrombolysis in the Czech Republic within the Dubi Clinic is:

  • 149 euros per night in the summer season.
  • In the winter season, the lowest cost for treatment inside the clinic is 139 euros per night.
  • The minimum period of treatment inside the clinic is 14 days, and 44 treatment sessions are performed per week. In addition to the medical examination and periodic follow-up by the attending physician.

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