Tourism in the Czech Republic The Czech Republic is one of the small European countries, and the Czech Republic is located between two very important countries, namely Poland and Austria.

The Czech state is characterized by the most beautiful tourism sector with distinction, full of vitality and strength, because it is one of the best and most wonderful tourist areas distinguished by the tourist popularity in the continent of Europe, due to the ancient civilizations and tourism models that fill the country.

Where the Czech state owns many old buildings and facilities with an archaeological history that still exist until now, The Czech state is also distinguished by one of the other advantages of delicious and rare foods that are found in the country, in addition to the influence of its inhabitants and people on European culture in ancient times, including the Middle Ages.

Highlights of tourism in the Czech Republic:

There are many landmarks that lead to a significant increase in the number of tourists and an increase in tourism within the country and push many tourism enthusiasts to go to the Czech Republic to learn about the well-known and unparalleled tourist attractions in the world, Such as:-

First: The geographical location of the Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic is located in the heart or middle of the European continent, and all visitors and tourists can reach the Czech Republic quickly and easily from all over the world.

Second: – Rural areas of the Czech Republic:

The Czech state has many beautiful rural areas that are characterized by its tranquility, the beauty of nature, and the wonderful natural features that attract tourists from all over the world.

Third: The large number of castles in the Czech Republic:

The Czech state is characterized by having large numbers of castles, which reach 2000 castles at the state level, and there are the largest number of castles in the city of “Prague” because it contains large numbers of castles that characterize the city, In addition to the distinction of Prague castles as the oldest castles in the world.

Fourth: Czech customs and traditions:

The customs and traditions in the Czech state vary and are distinguished by their diversity and the many types of customs and traditions in the country. But the most famous of these customs and traditions is folklore, and it is one of the most popular customs in the Czech Republic. It is one of the sources and attractions of entertainment and tourism, which visitors and tourists enjoy in the country.

Fifth: Decreased crime rates in the Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic is characterized by a completely low crime rate in the European continent. The Czech Republic ranks fifth in countries with low crime rates. Therefore, the Czech Republic is one of the best tourist countries in Europe. It is considered the safest country on the continent and is characterized by its general tranquility and stunning scenery.

Sixth: Relatively low cost in the Czech Republic:

Prague differs from European cities in that it has low cost, Where hotels, restaurants and all shops in the Czech Republic are distinguished by their lower cost than the rest of European cities, in addition to the prices of public transportation and the food served at the lowest prices in Europe.

Seventh: The large number of spas and health places in the Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic has the largest number of spas and health places that are characterized by the treatment of many diseases, including those for spa cases, massage and oxygen therapy, Where a large number of visitors come in order to get some rest and recreation and enjoy the best therapeutic times, in addition to the distinctive mud bath in the Czech Republic and some of the various services provided by the state to visitors and tourists coming to it.

Tourism and its importance in the Czech Republic:

Tourism is one of the most important sectors in the country, because only tourism participates in about 7.8% of the country’s GDP summary, as decided by statistical operations in the year 2008 AD. Where tourism occupies the most important roles in the international, regional or even national economy.

Where tourism provides the largest number of job opportunities for all residents of the Republic and can provide work within the tourism sector in the country, In the year 2019 AD, the number of workers in the field of tourism in the Czech state reached approximately 238,800 individuals, the total number of workers in tourism.

However, there is a percentage of employees up to 18% who work for their own account. The total amounts spent on tourism amounted to about 292 billion crowns annually, but these expenditures are divided in terms of the contribution from tourists with the spending of money from local visitors in the field of domestic or domestic tourism, and the percentage reaches 56% for foreign tourists and 44% expenditures from local visitors in Domestic tourism in the Czech Republic.

Tourism history in the Czech Republic:

Tourism in the Czech Republic has developed based on history, as it has made many developments until it has become one of the most famous and most beautiful international tourist areas, In 1888 AD, the first tourist club was established in the Czech Republic in order to strengthen tourism and spread it outside the borders of the state. It also provided many trips to the state in order to learn about its landmarks and tourism areas The Czech state also presented the oldest magazines in the field of tourism in the world, and the name of this magazine was named Tourist Magazine.

After the passage of years, another tourism club was established, which was called the Czechoslovak Tourism Club, through which the best tourism services were improved and provided with many distinguished recreational facilities.

In 1919 AD, the state allocated or created a site called the Statistical Office, which included all regions and tourist places in the Czech Republic and to provide tourists with the best tourist information that would help them spend their time in their favorite areas. Where the Czech state enjoyed tourism in general after the revolution of 1989, the Velvet Revolution, through which the borders were opened, and there were large tourist visits and more numbers of arrivals to see the tourist attractions in the country. Tourism developed and the state provided the best tourist services for tourists. The Czech Republic became famous for tourism and its various types of tourism.

Many tourist buildings and facilities were established in the country, and the number of visitors increased in large numbers, the number of tourists in 2018 reached about 21,247,150 visitors to the country, and most of their nationalities were from America, Germany, Poland, Australia, Italy, and Slovakia.

Types of tourism in the Czech Republic:

The Czech Republic offers many different types of tourism that meet all the needs of tourists. It offers a number of different types that visitors are looking for in the tourist trip, and for this reason, the Czech Republic offers these different types of tourism, namely:

First, historical tourism: the Czech state contains or has the largest number of historical tourist attractions and areas in the world and therefore enjoys historical tourism due to the presence of ancient historical buildings and facilities, including the historic town of Cesky Krumlov, The town of Kutna Hora and another town called Krumichrich is one of the best tourist areas in the world.

Secondly, natural tourism: Czech Republic has biodiversity because it contains large numbers of large gardens and various parks, many nature reserves and natural areas such as caves, and also has a large zoo characterized by the scarcity of animals in it and many other different natural attractions in it.

Thirdly, cultural tourism in the Czech Republic: The Czech Republic contains the largest number of important cultural tourism areas in the world, Where it contains a number of cultural exhibitions and large museums that offer visitors many types of culture, different cultural forms, These museums and cultural galleries join the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fourth, marketing tourism: This is because the Czech Republic contains a large number of shops and craft shops, where it also offers a large number of wonderful handicrafts, including handmade clothes, handmade accessories, decoration on stones and glass, in addition to Bohemian sapphires, and this is one of the best marketing tourist areas in the world.

Fifthly, religious tourism in the Czech Republic: The Czech Republic also has many old buildings and facilities with archaeological history and is characterized by religious influence.
Sixth, sports tourism: The Czech Republic offers sports tourism through the practice of many games such as climbing high mountains, football, golf, hockey and many other sports.

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