Study costs in the Czech Republic, The small Czech Republic is one of the most famous European countries that help in the processes of foreign studies and international scholarships that contribute to increasing a large number of students to study in the Czech Republic by studying in the Czech language or studying in English or German, And help in obtaining all the fields of study that the student would like to study.

The Czech Republic also offers foreign students simple and reduced costs of studying and living in the Czech state for study, and it is considered one of the best European countries in terms of living and study costs compared to all other European countries. It also features a diversity of languages for study and scholarships from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for all students.

Where the cost of living in the Czech Republic is lower than the rest of the European countries and other international countries, where life and living costs per month range from 324 euros to 695 euros per month.

The prices and costs of living also vary according to the different location and location in which the student wants to live and the nature of spending and accommodation. Therefore, the Czech Republic is one of the best countries that offer reduced tuition costs for living and studying in general.

Tuition fees per year in the Czech Republic

Tuition fees vary per year for Czech students and foreign students by studying in the Czech language, This case is completely free, except for the first year, which is the preparatory year in which the Czech language is learned. The costs of the first preparatory year range from 20,000 euros to 5,000 euros.

In order to master the Czech language to a large extent, the student is able to study in the Czech language, After that, the study in the Czech language is free of charge in all Czech universities for all students, and the costs become specific to accommodation, housing and the nature of living.

But in the case of studying at universities in one of the other languages such as English or German or others in that study, you will need approximately 2,000 euros and up to 12,000 euros per year.

Accommodation costs in the Czech Republic for the academic stage

Accommodation costs in the Czech Republic at the academic level are also one of the low and simple costs offered by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for foreign students in the Czech Republic.

Where study and university accommodation in the Czech Republic per month is set between 205 euros to 210 euros per month in order to obtain a hall for housing and living, but if the student enters the university, prices and housing costs become reduced for students at the university and the prices of accommodation are reduced.

Housing costs in this case range from 170 euros to 180 euros per month, in order for the student to obtain a living room and housing.

Health and medical life insurance for foreign students in the Czech Republic

It is one of the advantages offered by the Czech universities and the Ministry of Education for foreign students by obtaining health insurance to maintain their health and safety at all levels of study.

But the cost of health coverage for the student reaches 60,000 euros, so everyone prefers to buy extended health insurance, which may reach throughout the educational period, study and accommodation, which sometimes amounts to approximately 300 euros annually throughout the period of study and education.

Therefore, the Czech Republic is one of the best countries that provide great educational services suitable for all students and students.

Facilities offered to all students in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic offers a range of facilities and distinctive services to all students at all levels in order to increase the number of foreign students and students coming for education and study in the Czech Republic.

Therefore, the state is developing a set of discounted services and facilities for these students and in order to have a decent life during the study period that the student wishes to spend in the Czech state.

Therefore, a large number of foreign students study in the Czech Republic. Among those services and facilities provided by the Czech state to all students at all levels and educational periods are the following:-

  • One of the facilities provided to students in the different academic and educational levels in the Czech state. If the student is less than 25 years old, the student gets a set of discounts and discounts on public transportation and major and famous restaurants in the Czech Republic.
    These discounts reach up to 50% on all facilities offered. It also offers a discount to all electronic stores and some famous and knowledgeable places in the country. These discounts and discounts are offered to all students.
  • كما تتيح دولة التشيك إمكانية عمل الطلاب في الدولة بشكل طبيعي وذلك مدة تتراوح ما بين 20 ساعة في الأسبوع الواحد وتصل غالبًا تكلفة الساعة الواحدة ما يقارب من 8 يورو وحتى 12 يورو في الساعة الواحدة.
  • The Czech Republic also allows “private” foreign students to travel between European countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement, This is without obtaining any visa or travel costs, so students can travel and move between European countries easily and without facing any significant problems.

Completion of study period in the Czech Republic

The Czech state provides services to stay in the country after completing the period of study and education, This is because after graduation, the state provides the possibility for foreign students wishing to stay in the country for another additional year.

This is by obtaining the “EE” card that the foreign student obtains in order to stay in the Czech Republic. In this way, foreign students can obtain and search for work in the Czech Republic and the country also offers the service of obtaining permanent work.

The duration of the hours prescribed for the work of graduates in the Czech Republic is approximately 40 hours per week, after which the graduate can obtain Czech residency and enjoy Czech life.

Some tips for foreign students in the Czech Republic during the study period

There are some tips for foreign students in the Czech Republic at all stages and periods of education that the student must take into account, and among those important tips are the following:-

  • The Czech state at this stage is your country and represents your country in a big and positive way, because it respects individuals and respects its people and expatriates, The government avoids in any way the offense of any member of the people or foreigners, whether students or tourists and therefore it is considered one of the best European countries.
  • One of the ways to quickly integrate into the state and university life is to bring in a large number of local and university activities that help you get involved easier and faster.
  • You should learn Czech pronunciation quickly by speaking the main and basic words in the local language.
  • You must wear your coat most of the year in the Czech Republic, because the weather is cold in early spring and late autumn and also in winter, so you must wear your coat permanently.

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