Physiotherapy in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the pioneers in the field of physical therapy in the whole world. The Czech state is considered one of the best countries in treating diseases, as there are many water springs in the Czech Republic, which are used to treat many diseases and help heal many people.

The Czechs made the most of their springs. In the Czech Republic, there are more than 37 cities, all of which contain physiotherapy clinics, each of which uses different water springs to treat various diseases naturally. Here, in this article, all the details about physical therapy in the Czech Republic.

The importance of physical therapy in the Czech Republic

After we learned that physical therapy in the Czech Republic is one of the most important areas of interest to the country and helps to develop it significantly and with every passing day, The importance of physical therapy in the Czech state lies in that:-

  • Physiotherapy is characterized by great development, and over time, physical therapy becomes more important and is used in the treatment of increasing and varied cases.
  • The development of health care systems is also one of the most important reasons for the advancement of physical therapy programs.
  • Gaining knowledge about many chronic diseases and the many physical disabilities that some people suffer from has helped increase the importance of physical therapy in the country.
  • The Czech Republic is developing and expanding educational programs for physical therapy.
  • The importance of physical therapy is that it helps maintain the general health of people and helps prevent a sense of helplessness and helps in movement without any pain in the elderly, It also treats many diseases in children such as quadriplegia, polio, and many other diseases.

Diseases treated in Czech sanatoriums

Czech clinics vary, and there are no more clinics in the Czech Republic, as they treat many diseases for the elderly, children and all age groups, Among the most common diseases that are treated in Czech clinics:-

musculoskeletal system diseases

The clinics in the Czech Republic rely on modern methods of physical therapy, so they help in treating many diseases of the musculoskeletal system as diseases: –

  • It treats knee osteoarthritis, joint stiffness, and the frictions that occur in it.
  • It also addresses the lack of movement in the joints of the body.
  • Injuries that occur to people as a result of accidents and fractures.
  • Diseases resulting from the installation of artificial joints.

Diseases of the nervous and muscular system

Among the most important diseases that physical therapy helps to get rid of and the pain that they cause to the patient, which are diseases of the nervous system as diseases: –

  • Thrombotic disease in various parts of the body.
  • Treatment of herniated disc diseases of all kinds.
  • Treatment of paralysis that affects children, whether it is quadriplegia or polio.
  • It also treats stroke diseases that mainly affect the elderly.
  • Muscular dystrophy and muscle tension treatment.

Internal and heart diseases

Physiotherapy helps treat some heart and internal diseases, This is one of the most important areas in which physical therapy enters:-

  • Treats arterial hypertension.
  • Treatment of circulatory disorders.
  • Angina pectoris diseases.
  • She treats after open heart surgeries and catheterization.

respiratory system diseases

  • It treats asthma, fibrosis of the alveoli, and bronchitis.

joint diseases

  • Treatment of knee and joint stiffness and inflammation.
  • It also treats rheumatic diseases. And eat articular cartilage.
  • Sclerosis of the spine.

The most important areas in which physical therapy enters

Physiotherapy is involved in many different therapeutic fields. Among the most important areas that physiotherapy fails to treat are:-

Physiotherapy in the Czech Republic

  1. Elderly: Elderly people always suffer from many problems in the bones, inability to move and joint pain, But physiotherapy is involved in the treatment of these problems and treats them and prevents the feeling of these pains.
  2. Children: Physiotherapy is widely used in the treatment of many diseases that affect children, such as paralysis and developmental delays. Physiotherapy is also included in the treatment of some deformities that affect children.
  3. Bones: Many people in the whole world and in all countries of the world feel many pains in the bones and joints and suffer from roughness of the bones and some frictions that cause pain and some disorders that exist in the skeletal system.

Services provided by Czech clinics

The Czech Republic contains many clinics, such as the Dubi Clinic, the Darkov Clinic, and many others. The Czech clinics are characterized by the fact that they include the best and most efficient doctors who have long experience in all fields of physical therapy and are very familiar with the cases that physical therapy is involved in treating and the cases that must be used quickly for physical therapy. The extent of the gym’s response to physical therapy is also being studied. Also, most clinics in the Czech Republic provide rapid diagnosis of cases and knowledge of natural treatment methods.

The presence of a group of permanent delegates who help all patients and provide all the needs that any patient wants, In addition, there are some sanatoriums that provide housing for patients and their companions, and tourism can also be provided in the Czech Republic in order to change the patient’s psychology for the better.

Doctors in sanatoriums in the Czech Republic

All physiotherapy clinics in the Czech Republic rely on the best and most efficient doctors in the field of physiotherapy, Also, all doctors work to interact with patients, and all they care about is providing the necessary comfort to the patient and helping them get rid of the problems and diseases they suffer from.

Doctors also work to help the patient perform the movements that the patient suffers from through training in them and getting rid of pain, and this is done using many modern devices and using some sciences related to physical therapy, Where the attending physician performs many examinations and rumors to determine the patient’s condition and to know the physiotherapy program that the patient will follow during the period in which he resides in the sanatorium.

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