Stem cell therapy, which is present in the body and which can develop itself for any type of cell in the human body, and this process takes place in the early stages or the early stages of growth and formation of cells, where stem cells help repair the internal tissues of the body and therefore stem cells are among the most important cells Available in the body due to the functional role that these cells play in repairing tissues and transforming them into one of the cells that the body loses. Stem cells continuously replace those cells depending on the type of lost cells. This is why stem cells are the most important types of cells in the body.

The main advantages of stem cell therapy

Stem cells are distinguished from others by a different set of features that they have from other cells in the body, and the most important of these features of stem cells are:

  • Stem cells can divide, regenerate and re-grow over time.
  • Stem cells are also considered among the non-specialized cells of the body, so they cannot perform the role of many other cells or other functions in the body.
  • Stem cells can divide, mutate, and develop on their own to turn into one of the specialized cells in the body, such as those specialized cells for muscle or various blood cells, and they can also transform into cells that are specialized in the brain and brain.

Therefore, stem cells are very important for other cells in the body, because they can replace the body with lost cells at all times without facing the slightest health problems.

Stem cell types

Stem cells in the body are divided into two types of stem cells:

First: embryonic cells

These embryonic stem cells are considered to be generated from the fetus in the body of the mother or pregnant woman, within four or five days since the sperm fertilized the egg in the woman’s fallopian tube, Where monocytes are formed due to the process of fertilization and fertilization that the ovum undergoes, and this monocyte is called the zygote, Where a single cell begins to divide into several other cells, and after four or five days of fertilization and fertilization, the fertilized egg implants in the uterine wall. Embryonic stem cells are called by this name because of the way these embryonic cells are created from the embryos and eggs fertilized in the body of a pregnant woman.

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secondly: adult cells

Adult stem cells are considered one of the most important cells formed by the body, because they are found in the blood tissues that reside in the brain and brain, and also adult stem cells are found in the bone marrow and blood vessels, where these cells are found in many areas of the body such as the bloodstream and the skin, and they are also found in the muscles The skeletal system or the skeletal system until it reaches the liver and is also present in it.

Adult stem cells can remain in the body for many years without going through any stage of division. Adult stem cells can divide into several different divisions if activated, and adult stem cells can be activated in case of disease or tissue damage in the human body. In addition to the possibility of renewing and dividing those adult stem cells into several divisions, which increases the number of cells and they can renew themselves, Where adult stem cells can also generate a different group of cells that can form a complete new organ to replace the organ that was damaged, so it is considered one of the most important cells in the human body.

There are some studies and scientific research in which scientists and researchers believe the most important stem cells and what characteristics these cells have in addition to the possibility of identifying the extent to which stem cells help in the development of human health and also help them in many practical activities that take place on stem cells, Where studies and scientific research can explain what are the serious health injuries or problems that face humans from birth defects or the incidence of many diseases to which the human body is exposed, such as cancer and after other diseases, In addition to the possibility of using adult or fetal stem cells to treat many diseases that confront and invade the human body, among these diseases are vascular diseases, heart diseases and people with diabetes. Stem cells can also treat Alzheimer’s patients, Parkinson’s patients and some other health problems that stem cells can face and eliminate on her.

The importance of stem cell therapy and what are its benefits

After conducting practical studies and research, there is a large set of hopes and beliefs through which stem cells can treat many diseases facing the human body and also help stem cells in regeneration and regeneration of internal organs that can renew themselves in addition to the possibility of their mutation and transformation into specialized cells Others where stem cells help doctors and specialists in:

  • Stem cells can explain what injury the human body has been exposed to, according to scientific studies and research presented by some doctors and scientists. They also understand the cause of the injury or the main cause of the disease.
  • Stem cells are used in the process of replacing damaged and damaged cells due to various diseases due to the ability of stem cells to divide and mutate into any type of other specialized cells in addition to the possibility of using adult or embryonic stem cells to repair or regenerate tissues and some damaged or damaged organs in the human body .
  • People with spinal cord injuries or diabetics benefit from fetal stem cells for their ability to treat them, eliminate and divide cells. Alzheimer’s disease patients, Parkinson’s disease patients, vascular and heart diseases, brain injuries, strokes, cancer, bone and joint diseases, and burn patients of the second type benefit from stem cells, which is adult stem cells.
  • Stem cell types can be used to develop tissues that are used to transplant some damaged organs and this process is called regenerative medicine.
  • Stem cells are used to examine new medicines, their effect on the body, and the effectiveness of these medicines to the patient’s body, by examining medicines by stem cells.

Stem cell therapy, which is the cells in the body that can develop themselves for any type of cell in the human body

Scientists and researchers have been able to use stem cells of all kinds to treat many diseases that hunt the human body, and these diseases that were treated with stem cells are:

  • Treatment of burns and scars with stem cells.
  • Addressing problems facing the eye and vision.
  • Helping the body improve the incidence of strokes.
  • Stem cells help treat autism patients.
  • Helps strengthen the hair follicle and treat baldness in men or women.
  • Stem cells can also treat damaged tissues and organs in the human body.
  • Improvement of spinal cord injuries.
  • Treatment of genetic and congenital defects through stem cells.
  • Improving and treating Parkinson’s patients.
  • Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

These uses of stem cells are the birth of the modern era, because stem cells are expected to treat many other diseases that affect the body, so researchers are conducting scientific studies on the uses and benefits of stem cells for the body.

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