Study in the Czech Republic
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Study in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the European countries known in the world as one of the best countries in the fields of study, natural medicine, and centers

The Czech Republic occupies one of the world’s ranks in terms of security, safety and stability compared to various other countries, as it ranks sixth for stability and security in living

In that country, as approved by the Global Peace Indicators 2017, The Czech Republic is one of the first countries in the world

The world, which is famous for the abundance of castles built in the Middle Ages, where the country and the small Czech Republic includes nearly

2000 castles and more castles were built with impressive ancient methods and wonderful design and implementation, In addition to

The historical civilization that characterizes the country and the small Czech Republic has become one of the

Countries that appeal to international education and have become a destination for global study worldwide.


Study language in the Czech Republic

The official language of study in the Czech Republic is the Czech language, the mother tongue of the state, but universities add

Czech has the advantage of learning in other languages such as English, German and some international languages, but in

In this case, the costs of studying in the mother tongue in the Czech Republic are different, which is the Czech language and other languages

This varies according to the specializations and studies that the student would like to study.


Study in the Czech language

Studying in the Czech language is free of charge in all public universities in the Czech state, and that is

Because you do not practice other languages and learn languages such as English and others, so your study becomes a free study

Throughout the years of study, except for the first year of study, because this year of study enables you to learn the Czech language significantly so that you can study

Normally, Where the costs of the first year vary according to the university you want to study at and where you start

From 2000 € to 5000 € per year, But in the case of studying in

Private universities, so the costs of annual studies increase according to the university and the specialization you want to study, and the fees vary.


Study in other languages

Studying in the Czech language differs from studying in other languages because it does not become free

In the form offered by public universities in the Czech state, where all students are responsible

Expenses, study costs and years of language learning, whether English or Czech, in addition to

Different disciplines and universities, where studies at universities range in languages

Different from the Czech language between 500 euros and 20350 euros annually.


The most famous Czech universities in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is considered one of the best education destinations in the world because it has a large number of students

Foreigners around the world who want to study in Czech universities until those

The ratios to 44,000 students of different nationalities from the Czech Republic, in addition to including the largest number of universities

Around the world, it reaches 1000 international universities, and these universities are considered among the best

International Universities According to QS International, among the most famous universities in the world are the following:


Charles University

It is one of the first international universities in the small Czech state and gets the highest educational ranks

In the Czech Republic, Charles University was founded by Emperor Charles IV

A very long time ago, and that was in the year 1348, and this international university still enjoys the inclusion of a large group

Of the faculties in all disciplines, including Charles Joly University

49,200 students around the world, and it is also distinguished by its partnership with international universities

It is connected to about 200 international partnerships in the world and Charles University is also located in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.


Czech Technical University in Prague


The Czech Technical University was founded in Prague in 1707 and is one of the

Famous universities in the Czech Republic and the world, where the Czech Technical University includes about 8

Dogs are different specialties and also offer a wide range of study programs up to 100 types

of various study programs in all fields of engineering, as recorded

Czech Technical University a large number of students up to 24,000 students in all undergraduate levels

It is considered one of the most famous universities in the world, from which the world physicist Doppler graduated

And a large group of world famous people around the world.


Masaryk University

Masaryk University was established in 1919 and is one of the international universities in the country

Small Czech is located in the city of Brno, which is one of the second largest cities in the Czech state

Masaryk University has a very large group of foreign students and Czech students who reach

36 thousand students mobile around the world and Masaryk University contains 6 different faculties

Specializations and also can study in the Czech language, German language and English language, where is

Masaryk University is one of the most preferred universities for foreign students from the number of universities

Czech International.


Brno University of Technology

It is considered one of the newly established universities, and then in 1899, it includes

Brno University of Technology has 8 faculties in a number of different disciplines and also participates

Brno University of Technology in a large group of EU projects, Also, Brno University offers

Technology Possibility of studies in English, German and various languages

With the different disciplines offered by the University of Technology, most of the studies were in engineering fields.


Scholarships offered by Czech universities to students.


Czech universities offer a wide range of scholarships to all students through study

In the Czech language, it offers a set of equal scholarships to all Czech students

And the possibility of enrolling in all the scholarships offered. Among those scholarships offered by Czech universities are the following:



Scholarships for all students who pursue non-traditional programs

These grants are for research grants, development, modernization and innovation grants

Scholarships for outstanding and rare students in scientific or developmental courses

and materials that contribute to increasing knowledge, science and excellence, and these grants are considered among the best grants

Offered by Czech universities for outstanding and outstanding students for all special disciplines

development and modernization.


Scholarships that include the country’s foreign development assistance programs.

These scholarships are aid provided by Czech universities to the country

And for students too, Where the Czech Republic is one of the developing countries in the field of scholarships, which is distinguished by

It covers all costs necessary for students and related to all students’ needs in terms of

Residency and specialized studies in the Czech Republic, Where private costs are adjusted

The scholarship is awarded according to the system followed in the student’s study process in an orderly manner.


International scholarships based on bilateral and multilateral international agreements.

The Czech state, especially the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, provides a wide range of grants

Studies related to research purposes or study purposes provided by the Czech Ministry

For all foreign students, according to international agreements concluded between countries and the Republic of Iran

Small Czech Republic, where the country concerned provides all outstanding scholarships and research

By the authorities in the state party to the international agreement and provide a set of advice

Important information provided by the concerned state to all scholarship travelers.


Thus, the Czech Republic is one of the most important European countries that offer scholarships and studies

Different in all disciplines with simple costs compared to other countries around the world.


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